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Everyone has a story to tell. Some stories make us laugh, while others can make us cry. Share with us how you turned your upside down world, right side up.


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  • Cheryl Denton


    I survived childhood abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, and a car accident involving a drunk driver. It has taken me most of my life to learn to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder, caused by so much trauma. Now, I write novels about survivors of trauma, as well as self-help books for them. My ministry focuses on encouraging others, just as many kind people have inspired me to rise above the past. My service dog, Zibby, travels wherever I go, giving me the courage and comfort I need to speak about forgiving the unforgivable.

    Right now, your readers can download “Among the Ashes,” as a free ebook. It’s a suspenseful mystery about a young woman with PTSD who can’t remember the details of a childhood trauma.

    My self-help book, “The Road to Forgiveness: Removing the Roadblocks,” includes anonymous stories about people who were struggling to forgive, tips for forgiving, and resources for further reading. I’ll definitely be including your book on my suggested reading list whenever I speak!

    Thanks for all you do!
    Cheryl Denton

  • Renate van Nijen

    Alcohol abuse in modern society has been highlighted in many programmes but an important part of the problem is, in my view, under represented. The focus often seems to be on the ‘drinker’ and how he or she is costing society a lot of money (police, prisons, health service, etc.) but what about the largely hidden group of people affected by alcohol abuse (partners, children, etc.)
    ‘Cheers, the hidden voices of alcoholism’ (a collection of interviews with alcoholics, their partners, children, friends and health professionals) has now been referred to by the UK Health Committee: (
    As the writer of ‘Cheers’, but also as an ex partner of an alcoholic, I should be delighted if you would allow me to tell my story and/or refer to my book on your website. Please view and feel free to refer to the first three chapters here:

  • Timothy S

    Hi Deb, Love the site ! my story…..mmmmm. OK two great kids, 14 yo dtr and 10 yo boy
    Awesome kids, both have souls anyone would want to know. Divorced . Been to about 27 countries or so. Thailand is in my top 3. I have had the experience of sex, drugs, rock and roll and that includes several actual ‘rockstars’ .I was in the Navy for 6 yrs, Gulf War Vet and have urinated in almost all of the major oceans on earth. Other than that, there is very little I can tell you of my Naval time. Let me just say there WERE WMD’s in Iraq. I have done many things in life most people would never dream of. I was a REMAX agent as well as computer chip maker, insurance sales, small business owner. I love America and believe it is the most amazing country God has ever smiled upon. I also believe we are bringing death and destruction upon ourselves by killing ~ 4000 innocent lives everyday in this country alone. Thanks the God, I’m still alive and God willing, I will see my children prosper in the future. I enjoy women and if the right one comes along — anything can happen — peace be with you and all of your readers

  • @SantaDearest

    Deb I knew you were a big deal but I didn’t know just how big until now. I’ve always believed in you.

  • greensky

    Thank you for this great life experience!
    It always inspires me to hear a story such as yours – where friends and family can often see in us abilities we often are blind to ourselves.
    Thank you for stepping into your greatness and bringing others along to do the same.
    Continued blessings,

  • The Business Coach for Moms

    After being layed off from a job that I hated, I tried to figure out what to do next. A friend of mine told me that I was a “natural motivational speaker” and that I should try ToastMasters. I had NEVER heard of a thing! I found a local club, joined and within 4 months i competed in a contest and won! Later I discover that there were companies that would pay me to go out to speak and train for them! I was AMAZED and with no prior speaking experience I got the contract with 2 of those companies and traveled the world speaking and training.

    I realized on my 1st day on the road, as I stood in front of a grp of 55 ppl to deliver a 6hr seminar that I was NOT worried or nervous. I quickly realized that speaking-motivational speaking while training-WAS INDEED my natural gift!
    I was 30yrs old.

    Because of that I make sure that my children KNOW their talents at an early and that we have them professionally developed. I don’t want my childen struggling through life becasue they are hanging on to an fulfilling job.

  • Spike Humer

    “Manually communication does’ t not keep lot of information due to time distance but through satellite time catch the communication by the behalf of wellness Communication.”

  • Savina Cavallo

    Helping, motivating and teaching are natural to me. Even as a little girl, I’d play with my dolls sitting them as my audience and I in front teaching them (something). Psychology was the profession of my dreams; but I chose business and have worked as an Administrative Professional in the corporate world for more than 25 years.

    I have been successful in my own terms as an Admin. This career has permitted me to use many of my talents and gifts as support staff. I’ve created opportunities during my work experience to act as a Human Resources Coordinator, a supervisor for a Sales staff in a pharmaceutical, an office manager for an immunologist. I thank many of my supervisors who saw my potential and gave me the opportunity. I did not disappoint them, or myself. Always, the desire to support, to help to motivate was webbed into every task, every responsibility I was met with.

    I was born and grew up in NYC during the 1960s and 70s. I would not change this for the world. But, by the time I was 18 and fresh out of high school, my parents and I moved to Dominican Republic. They wanted to be close to their family. This change was painfully difficult for me to adapt to. It was almost like being born into a whole new environment and culture.

    I’ve had my own issues with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, which were a motivator for me to read hundreds of books and material on human behavior and self help. I was always learning new and better tools to cope with my own negative habits and fears which I learned in my family of origin. Suffice to say my childhood was difficult and traumatic.

    I got married to a macho Dominican (didn’t want to see the red flags). The difference in our ways of seeing a woman’s role clashed. I was full of insecurities and fears and became codependent to my husband, trying to fit into that culture. He turned into an abuser, and I let him. I exposed my children to a traumatic childhood, just as I had experienced….even though I swore I wanted the best for them.

    Being a full time working mother of three and married to an abusive husband only intensified my fears and I desperately needed to find inner peace and outer stability. I then found religion which filled my life with certain peace and a closer relationship to God. As the years went by, I have progressed to a broader understanding of God and myself through the study and practice of spirituality.

    After my children became adults, I took the courageous step of divorcing my second husband and moved back to the US to start a new life. I continued on my healing path, away from abuse and self loathing. I’ve had many wonderful teachers and angels along the way. But when I finally met Maia Berens, we immediately connected and she’s been vital to helping me discover my own truth within myself. Through her expert coaching and wise support, I understood this is THE time for me to follow my dream.

    Even though I have been using my coaching talents most of my life, training with Maia through You University has provided me with tools that allow me to experience life from a place of empowerment vs. victimhood.

    It all falls into place now. My experience in the School of Life coupled with the You University training and inner healing tools, has empowered me to grow and share these lessons with others, helping them find the strength and truth within themselves.

  • greensky

    Dear crystal,
    Thank you for this AMAZING open sharing with heart and soul..truly inspirational.
    There is no duplicate for walking the talk, having empathy, and compassion.
    I believe firmly it is our duty to share healing tools with others seeking transformation. We must help others if we have anything of value to contribute…we must!
    That being said..I would greatly appreciate it if you could share your contact link at Coach YOU for others who may be inspired to work with you.
    Sharing is caring!
    Continued blessings,
    deb :) <3

  • Crystal Church

    Making Strides
    I am currently reading “Healing the Shame that binds you” by John Bradshaw. It is an assigned reading for me by my life coach Maia Berens. I have been experiencing some familiar old feelings as I read through the material and it talks about the negative side of shame caused by various childhood abuses.

    I have talked openly in my blog about being a survivor of incest and some of the other experiences I had growing up in an alcoholic family. I have also done some serious soul work to heal the effects of my past. I was however taken a bit by surprise as I mentioned in the beginning of this post, to have these intense feelings come rushing back prompted by reading the book. I first began to notice the anger. Thoughts like, why didn’t you protect me? What were you thinking? How could you do those awful things to your own child? My anger actually creeped into our group coaching call and when it was my turn to talk I tried to express it. I don’t feel like I was too successful in relaying my feelings to the group, but they seemed to get that I was in distress. Maia, who identifies with the situation understood and agreed to talk with me about in more detail the following day. Both of the other group members touched base with me to also offer their support. This was an amazing feeling. And actually now that I think about it, this show of support and unity is a big part of how I was able to move away from the feeling of “being out of control” much quicker that in the past.

    In earlier years of dealing with memories or flashbacks of abuse I would shut down for several days. More specifically I would become withdrawn and non-communicative with the people in my life. I would feel tired and want to sleep more and basically get really depressed. Not this time! I had great conversations with my fellow coaches and with their help was able to see the growth that I have accomplished and the wonderful things I have done in light of my abusive upbringing. I was able to see the reaction for what it was, just that, a reaction. Not the abuse happening again.

    The amount of time spent in a “funk” was less than 24 hours. I did not shut myself off, actually the contrary. I was open to talking about my feelings and navigating my way through them. AND the big thing for me was that I had the tools to work through the issue. I have learned so much lately from being in a coaching group, having an incredible life coach, keeping an open minded and doing my work in YOU University. I am proud of myself. I feel great. I am continuing to read the book without fear of what it might trigger because I know that I can handle it and it will be a learning experience for me.

    When I step back and take a look at the big picture, I can really appreciate this latest experience. It can be used as another teaching tool for my clients. I can relate to people who have gone through this same trauma (with my first hand experience) AND show them the tools that are available to help them deal with it. More specifically I can facilitate their journey through YOU University in a unique and personal way.

    Just one more validating experience in the journey as a YOU University life coach!

  • Timothy Kendrick

    Timothy Kendrick is Retired Army Combat Veteran who served in Panama, Somalia, Operation Iraqi Freedom and various other wonderful places in the world, Korea and Germany just to name a few.
    He Began his career as a military policeman with the 61st MP Company in the early 80’s, switched to Combat Medic and then to Broadcast Journalism in the 90’s.
    Featured in Time Magazine (and several other media outlets) for his work in Somalia in 1993 he has taken the pains of war and tragedy and transformed himself into someone who empowers others. Timothy works with Veterans, Athletes, and Entertainers all over the world helping them to overcome their own personal challenges while rebuilding their lives.
    He is the author of 5 books and over 400 articles on self empowerment.

    His philosophy is simple

    1 “It doesn’t get any easier later, it just gets later.”
    2 “you do not need anger management; you “must” have anger resolution”
    3 “What you give you get to keep
    4 “The body will always show what the mind is thinking”


    I have slapped the devil and cursed the divinity. The divinity had a plan for me and now I know my mission statement in life. I spent half my life with the U.S. Army and the Federal Government going places and doing things that haunt me at times to this day.

    I was gifted with more brains than brawn and am grateful for all the blessings in my life today.

    For over 20 years I lived like a Nomad living out of a duffel bag and under a shady veil.

    I am held together with bailing wire, 132 staples, half of one lung gone, 5 broken noses, 6 concussions, numerous broken bones, and many bullet holes in my soul.

    Why I’m not dead yet is only an answer that the divinity can provide. I tried, never by my own hand but by the enemies I have encountered and the booze and pills I use to swallow (suicide on the installment plan)

    I never wanted to be an author or speaker although I greatly enjoy it.

    I accept that this is my instrument in this life that I must play.

    Buy my books,

    Read my blogs,

    Ask questions,

    I live because others died for me

    As my friend Bill says “I have had my day in the sun”.

    I have been featured in Time Magazine for my work in Africa, USA Today, CNN, The New York Times and too many others to mention.

    I am at peace with the universe and am grateful to my wife and many friends who have seen me plunge from the heavens to the gates of hell and back again.

    I love you and there is not a damn thing you can do about it! so HA!

    Thank you for looking into my world from my “lens” I am forever blessed with more abundance than I may ever need.

    Personal Website:

    Favorite Quotations “It doesn’t get any easier later, it just gets later.”
    “Every Action You Take Matters To The Universe”

    Timothy Kendrick is a Retired Army Combat Veteran who served in Panama, Somalia, Operation Iraqi Freedom and various other wonderful places in the world, Korea and Germany just to name a few.
    He Began his career as a military policeman with the 61st MP Company in the early 80’s, switched to Combat Medic and then to Broadcast Journalism in the 90’s.
    Featured in Time Magazine (and several other media outlets) for his work in Somalia in 1993 he has taken the pains of war and tragedy and transformed himself into someone who empowers others. Timothy works with Veterans, Athletes, and Entertainers all over the world helping them to overcome their own personal challenges while rebuilding their lives.
    He is the author of 5 books and over 200 articles on self empowerment.

    His philosophy is simple

    1 “It doesn’t get any easier later, it just gets later.”
    2 “You do not need anger management; you “must” have anger resolution”
    3 “What you give you get to keep”
    4 “The body will always show what the mind is thinking”

  • Emma McGonagle

    I miss u soo much!! I wish i could see u again in that ccd class. Once I am done with the two books that I have to read for school I will definitley read the book. U r the best ccd teacher ever!!!!! Hope I can have you next year!!!!
    Hope to see ya soon,
    P.S. keep following your dreams

  • Sadie O’Keefe


    I hope you got my emails, and I think that it’s a great idea that you’re getting our CCD class together! I’ve been praying for you, just so you know. The pictures of everyone in frount of the church are awesome. I haven’t gotten a chace to buy your book yet, but be sure that when I do, I’m getting it autographed by the author! <3

  • Maya White

    Hey Deb,

    I’m missing you already and I’m staying connected with friends from camp. Did Meghan ever send you that picture of everybody? If she did can you send it to me?

    Love you lots,

  • greensky

    hi dr. deborah,
    so good of you to visit and share your wisdom.
    it is people like you that give us hope and strength…
    blessings your way,

  • Dr Deborah Barry

    Then my best friend was killed by her boyfriend at the time.

    wow. There is a story in there, Cheryl. Are you writing a book?

    I’ve just read “If I am Missing or Dead” by Janine Latus. You might find it worthwhile.

  • greensky

    the truth is more motivating than anything we could imagine.
    thank you for sharing this!
    blessings and smiles,

  • greensky

    absolutely fantastic sharing!
    thank you!

  • greensky

    what an honor to read this personal experience of your “make it happen” “do it now” life!
    thank you for the megga dose of inspiration towards all things good.

  • jesudoss

    Dear Deb
    May the Peace of Christ be with you!
    Permit me to introduce myself. I am Fr. Jesudoss Perianayagam, a Catholic priest belonging to the religious society of the Salesians of Don Bosco, of the province of Chennai, India. My doctoral degree, which I have very recently completed in the faculty of Social Communication in the Salesian Pontifical University, Rome, was concerned with an extensive research in media education in the context of empowering street children of Tamil Nadu, India. Heavy on my heart is a mission to help the poor and abandoned street children of Tamil Nadu. My hope is to build a Center of Communications and Media Studies, which will be used as a broadcasting center to spread the Gospel to the abandoned street children, and as an educational nucleus for these children to learn visual and communication arts and technology skills, within an accredited and degree granting educational setting. Cinema in Tamil Nadu is the heartbeat of the cultural system. Cinema has saturated every aspect of Tamil Nadu and its society. The poor and abandoned street children have absolutely no escape from it. The abandoned street children have adopted cinema as their surrogate family, the actors being surrogate brothers and sisters and parents. As a way of reaching these beloved children for Christ, I would like to use the venue of cinema as a way to attract them, since they are already immersed in this uniquely cinemagraphic culture. I believe that cinema can be used as a powerful instrument to draw the children into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. The project therefore is two fold. First and foremost it is a project to establish a communications center for the spreading of the gospel, having in mind the particular and unique needs of the street children. Secondly, the project seeks to build a communications and media educational center where these children can be educated in communication and media technology. Thus, the youth who are evangelized by this center, will in turn be the story-writers, film-makers, and broadcasters, to evangelize their own communities and peers, and through the skills they acquire, they are able to receive a college degree in Communications and Media.
    There are a group of hopeful donors to this project, but we need to construct a video presentation that will encapsulate and express the urgency of this mission. Ultimately, I see the mission with the poor and abandoned street children of Tamil Nadu as being a pilot program of sorts, to be used as a model to be established in any big city, that has a population of poor and abandoned children. It is our fervent hope that those children who will accept Jesus Christ, will in turn reach out to other street children who do not yet know Him. The anticipation of your help fills our hearts with great optimism.
    In Christ

    Jesudoss Perianayagam sdb
    Parrocchia S. Maria Liberatrice
    Via Lorenzo Ghiberti, 2
    00153 Roma
    Email: /
    Cell: 0039 – 3202754857

  • S Elaine Stevens

    “OUT OF GAS”

    Have you ever ran out of gas? Well…………I almost did. Here’s a story of faith that was tested in my life a few years back, actually in the year of 1997.
    I want to share with you a journey that took me down a dirt road of the most trusting time in my life!
    Now driving for hours is not my idea of a great passing time but for me my job took me to cities abroad miles and miles from home. The days were long and strenuous by far and this seemed to become an everyday venture to me. The days during this time, rolled into sometimes nights. On this one particular day, was becoming too close to sunset for what’s just about to happen.
    Nearing the horizon show of this late summer evening, I found myself in a hurry for this exhausting Friday to end. You see I was on my way to a family reunion up near San Angelo, Texas. Lake Ballinger to be exact.
    Now I was to follow directions to a place out in the middle of no where it seemed, in reaching my destination and to complete my route.
    For me, I was known at the time, to get lost about anywhere I went. Okay, don’t laugh! I still get lost sometimes. But this day was not a day to get lost believe me!
    On my way to the family event, I passed through several towns along the way. I kept reminding myself, “Now don’t forget to stop and get gas!” It appeared as soon as I said, “Don’t forget to stop and get gas!!” what did I do? Just that! I just kept on a driving!!
    Well now by this time, not only did the dinger on the darn gas light go off….so did the dinger on the warning bell. I had been listening and jamming to the music in my car, so nope didn’t hear it the warning sound!
    Of course driving now on air for sure by this point, nightfall approaching and out in the middle of nowhere, I have to tell you, panic started to settle in. I started to beat myself up mentally, “Why didn’t I just pay more attention!” gesh.
    How could we live without our cell phones today!! I have no idea. But I would of done just about anything in those days to have a cell phone or some way to communicate, walkie talkie, or something
    Okay so now I had to focus and think what to do next. No one in the family knew where I was and of course I sure didn’t know, but I knew
    someone did. God!!
    I decided to lean on HIM (the Lord) once again, I asked him, “NOW WHAT DO I DO”? OK I am going to trust you in this one. I continued to drive on fumes as I drew near some old houses. OK, “Should I go to that house?” I thought. “NO” okay, so I kept driving. Came to another house, seemed to be abandoned, but I saw what seemed to be a dim light in the back of the dreary run down shack. Just didn’t seem quiet right, so I continued on my journey. Past a few more, and here we go again. “OK now!” Which and where do I go?
    Just then, I passed a house up on a hill. I heard, “Go back that man has gas!” “Are you sure!” Listen to me… this girl (me) questioning at this point. No laughing matter because I was about to have the surprise of my life! I kept driving down the winding road and I heard again, “Go back, that man has gas!” OK, Lord.
    So I turned around, drove up the hill, and around to the back of their driveway, I saw a man dressed in jeans, a white t-shirt, unloading groceries. I got out of the car, afraid to turn off the engine fear of not starting, I said, “Sir” “Excuse me, but I am almost out of gas and need to go to Lake Ballinger. Do you happen to have just a little I can buy from you?” “Sure” he said with a grin. I thought oh man, I hope he’s not a ex-murderer or something.
    After waiting for hours it seemed, he came out of his house, put something in his trunk, walked to my car and said, “Now don’t be afraid, I will need you to follow me down to my mothers house, down a long winding dirt road about a couple of miles from here. I have some gas I can give you there.” I am thinking, right I won’t be afraid, I’ll just be terrified instead! Well…….I knew the Lord was directing my path as an over- whelming peace came over me.
    While following this strange man down this old pothole road, we came to a gate and a white car leaving the opposite direction. An ole’ lady with a cross around her neck, waived as she drove past us. My imagination is going crazy at this point from watching too many scary movies in my youth.
    We are now approaching the end of this journey when I witness the biggest darn gas tank I’d ever seen! “Boy does this man have gas” I said to God.
    Of course this courteous gentleman didn’t only give me a little gas, he filled my tank full. I couldn’t help but offer money for his generosity and a big tip of the hat of joyfulness.
    A conversation began, as he asked me where I was headed and where I was from. I soon learned that he personally knew my aunt Mary, from Ballinger, TX and was a deacon of his church. I was astounded to also learn that the house with the dim light I almost stopped at earlier, lived a convicted rapist!!
    You can imagine now the tears of joy as the man directed me back on the path of darkness headed you guess it, to the family reunion that was only about 10 miles away. I was grateful and not freighted any more and couldn‘t wait to get back and share with everyone what had just happened. That day peace just overflowed around me!
    There are four lessons I learned during that days event. First of all, listen to your heart. Second, never question your peace and God’s voice within you. Third, Trust! Fourth, the good LORD always gives you a full tank, never half empty!!

    True story,
    Written by
    S Elaine Stevens

    Philippians 4:19
    And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus

    In memory of my late Aunt Mary, the kind gentleman and most all thankfulness of God always watching over me.

    Thank you for allowing me to share my story of a test of faith, trust and realization in knowing that God always takes care of us, no matter what path we are on. S Elaine Stevens

  • http://http// Khondakar G Mowla


    717 – 720: His own era

    Disdainful of luxuries
    Umar was extremely pious and disdainful of worldly luxuries. He preferred simplicity to the extravagance that had become a hallmark of the Umayyad lifestyle, depositing all assets and finery meant for the caliph into the public treasury. He abandoned the caliphate palace to the family of Suleiman and instead preferred to live in modest dwellings. He wore rough linens instead of royal robes, and often went unrecognized.

    According to a Muslim tradition, a female visitor once came to Umar’s house seeking charity and saw a raggedly-dressed man patching holes in the building’s walls. Assuming that the man was a servant of the caliph, she asked Umar’s wife, “Don’t you fear God? Why don’t you veil in the presence of this man?” The woman was shocked to learn that the “servant” was in fact the caliph himself.

    Though he had the people’s overwhelming support, he publicly encouraged them to elect someone else if they were not satisfied with him (an offer no one ever took him up on). Umar confiscated the estates seized by Ummayad officials and redistributed them to the people, while making it a personal goal to attend to the needs of every person in his empire. Fearful of being tempted into bribery, he rarely accepted gifts, and when he did; he promptly deposited them in the public treasury. He even encouraged his own wife—who had been daughter, sister and wife to three caliphs in their turn—to donate her jewelry to the public treasury.

    At one point he almost ordered the Great Umayyad Mosque in Damascus to be stripped of its precious stones and expensive fixtures in favor of the treasury, but he desisted on learning that the Mosque was a source of envy to his Byzantine rivals in Constantinople. These moves made him unpopular with the Umayyad court, but endeared him to the masses, so much so that the court could not move against him in the open.

    Halt to the cursing of Ali
    Umar made a number of important religious reforms. He abolished the long-standing Umayyad and Khawaarij custom of cursing Ali ibn Abi Talib (the fourth Caliph), at the end of Friday sermons and ordered the following Qu’ranic verse be recited instead:

    – Surely God enjoins justice, doing of good and giving to kinsfolk.

    In addition, Umar was keen to enforce the Sharia, pushing to end drinking and bathhouses where men and women would mix freely. He continued the welfare programs of the last few Umayyad caliphs, expanding them and including special programs for orphans and the destitute. He would also abolish the Jizya tax for converts to Islam, who were former dhimmis, who used to be taxed even after they had converted under other Umayyad rulers.

    Generally, Umar II is credited with having ordered the first collection of hadith material in an official manner, fearing that some of it might be lost. Abu Bakr ibn Muhammad ibn Hazm and Ibn Shihab al-Zuhri, are among those who compiled hadiths at `Umar II’s behest. [2].

    Though Umar did not place as much an emphasis on expanding the Empire’s borders as his predecessors had, he was not passive. Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari states that he sent Ibn Hatim ibn al-Nu’man to repel Turks invading Azerbaijan (v. 24 pp. 74–75). He faced Kharijite uprising and preferred negotiations to armed conflict, personally holding talks with two Kharijite envoys shortly before his death (v. 24, p. 77-78). He recalled the troops besieging Constantinople (p. 74). These were led by his cousin Maslama. This Second Arab siege of Constantinople had failed to take the city and was sustaining heavy losses at the hands of allied Byzantine and Bulgarian forces. Its defeat was a serious blow to Umayyad prestige.

    His reforms in favor of the people greatly angered the nobility of the Umayyads, and they would eventually bribe a servant into poisoning his food. Umar learned of this on his death bed and pardoned the culprit, collecting the punitive payments he was entitled to under Islamic Law but depositing them in the public treasury. He died in February, 720, probably the 10th and probably forty years old (v. 24, pp. 91–92) in Aleppo.
    He was succeeded by his cousin Yazid II.

    Rest is in:


    Rulers usually appoint people to watch over their subjects. I appoint you a watcher over me and my behaviour. If you find me at fault in word or action guide me and stop me from doing it.

  • Laura Grafe

    One day we were scrapping , that’s finding stuff people throw out for cash. It makes us extra money to put in our house. My husband said hey we do not have any bikes so we started to see bikes. 1 with a missing tire, we would go up a little bit and see some that size with a good tire. So we started to collect them. 20 bikes later. There sitting in our driveway and a teenage boy comes up and asks my husband hey “what ya doing with the bikes?”. My husband said. ” Were fixing them up. ” So the child looked down depressed and walked away. I came out and said whats going on. He told me so I said hey if we get a few more fixed up lets donate them to a couple kids in the neighbor hood. 635 bikes lator and going strong. Last season we gave away a whopping 300 bikes. We have saved our Hudson Valley Landfills a total of 1109 bikes. We happen to use 22 different Police stations and 2 colleges now. We recycle the metal. I think with what we have started we have made a difference in so many lives. Not just the kids we give for free, the adults we sell the bikes to at a reasonable cost also. I see them using them to drive to local jobs. It gives me a big high to save the bikes, give them to local kids to fix, give them away free, see the kids and adults ride the bikes we have saved. I think we also made a difference in my volunteers lives as well the kids and adults range from 13- to adults. They help me gather the bikes, fix them, and give them out to needy kids. If it were not for everyone who contributed I would not be a blke to make this as a success it has been a great ride and lookign forward to the future. Thank you all who have helped or contributed in some way.

  • greensky

    dear cheryl,
    thank you for sharing such transparent honesty.
    the death of your friend – horrific. however, you most assuredly transformed good out of the bad by finding a way to “help others live a life they were destined to live,” as you stated.
    your self-motivation to find spiritual comfort/growth through books and people of like minded goals, is an inspiration to all of us!
    thank you for sharing how you turned the upside down, into the right side up.
    continued blessings your way,
    deb :)

  • Cheryl Martinson

    I was living a sporadic and disorganized life. Living the single life and to be honest, I was really enjoying it. Then my best friend was killed by her boyfriend at the time. My life came to a screeching hault. The depression I felt was overwhelming and paralyzing. It took me a year to get my life on track and cope with my loss. I began seeking spiritual comfort and reading numerous books that not only gave me comfort, but gave me a way to feel grateful and to pursue a life where I want to help others live a life they were destined to live.