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“Deb Scott is one of the most empathetic, creative, thoughtful and generous people I have ever had the pleasure of working with! By focusing on my personal favorite topic: How to be Happy, she changes and touches lives everywhere she goes. Motivational speaker, inspirational author and just all around great friend, Deb Scott is a pleasure and honor to have in your sphere. Impressive through and through, you can simply not find a more quality coach!”

Sally Shields, Speaker, Radio Personality, Publicity Specialist and #1 Amazon.com bestselling author of, Is She Naturally Thin, or Disciplined? Insider Secrets of the Sexy& Slim!


“Deb Scott is one of the few and rare talk show hosts that broadcasts in “3-D!” She is Dynamic, Delightful, and Dedicated to seeing that her guest always has the best show possible.”

Guy Finley, Best-Selling author of The Courage to Be Free.
Founder; Life of Learning Foundation
As seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and NPR.



“Just a note to thank you for the amazing presentation you gave at the Southern New England Women’s Expo! I continue to hear rave reviews about your talk and compliments about your inspirational and uplifting personality. We would love to have you back another time and would love to be kept informed about any other speaking engagements you have coming up.”

My very best, Pat Cruz, CEO; SNE Woman Magazine & SNE Women’s Expo



“Deb was recently a guest on my Entrepreneurial Moment AM Talk Radio show in Kansas City and she blew the audience away. In addition, I read her book and I could not put it down! Few people have Deb’s outlook on life and even fewer have the ability to get others to see things in a such a positive way.
If you are looking for a mentor, a coach, or heck, even a new BFF, look no further than Deb Scott! But be prepared for an energy that will leave you a changed person. I know she changed me.”

Brian Sullivan, CSP, NSA Top 1% Award Winner, Precise Selling and International Leadership Speaker



“Deb Scott is one of the most engaging, authentic and inspirational interviewers I know. I’ve been interviewed by many people, but her ability to truly listen and ask the questions that her audience wants the answers to makes her a leader in her field. In addition, she is a woman with a pure heart that has deep passion for people and making our world a better place. Don’t hesitate to work with her in any capacity, and if you haven’t listened to her radio show, what are you waiting for? She’s a gem.”

Cari Murphy, Soul Success Coach|Media Host|Bestselling Author



“I have been interviewed on hundreds of radio and TV talk shows so I know what a great interviewer looks and feels like. Deb Scott ranks up there with the best of the best! She is brilliant and understands what it takes to achieve success. As an international success expert I was very impressed with her! She has a heart of gold and wants to make a difference on this planet and her radio interviews is one way that she is doing that. I am pleased she asked me to be one of them.”

Jack Zufelt, “Mentor to Million”, #1 Best-Selling Author; The DNA of Success
As seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX News, and PBS Television


“As a seasoned Radio Host and interviewer, I often find it difficult to give control of an interview over to another host, especially when it is me on the receiving end of the interview. In my role as an author, I am interviewed several times a month and I would like to tell you that Deb Scott can and should, count herself among the best INTERVIEWERS on the radio today. She is genuine, generous and professional. It is obvious that Deb does her homework and she makes it REALLY easy to be comfortable and relaxed on her show. She certainly is one of “THE BEST PEOPLE I KNOW!!!”and you should too!!! It is a true pleasure to be in her company and its easy to see how she can WOW an audience and coach and motivate them to do just about anything.”

Frankie Picasso, Certified Master Coach, Trainer, Author, Specializing in the Impossible.



“Deb is a real professional, and commits to give only the best to her clients. She genuinely cares about providing tangible value to her audience and her very exciting radio show confirms this. Deb is humble and approachable, with a genuine heart to create an ‘Amazing You!‘ She is an amazing woman with positive energy, enthusiasm and a genuine desire to help people attain their life goals. You go Deb!!!”

Tom O’Neil; Professional Goal Coach,Speaker, Contributing Author; What Color is Your Parachute
USA, UK, Germany, Israel, South Africa, Brazil, South Korea, Hong Kong and New Zealand



“If you look up the words “Enthusiastic” and “Positive” in the dictionary – you’ll see Deb’s photo there. She embodies the qualities of those words and more. She’s very easy to work with and get to know. And she’s willing to work! She learns what’s new and important in the market and then incorporates that into her working life. In addition, Deb is a terrific networker and very kind at bringing people together. She’s introduced me to a few key people in her circle that were integral to my business as well. Deb is about the best you can hire or work with. She has great integrity and is willing to do what it takes – highly recommended!”

Debbie Dachinger; Dare to Dream Radio & Television, Editor’s Pick Award Winner YouPublish, Lifetime Achievement Award Winner ELITE VIP



“I’ve had the joy and honor of getting to know Deb Scott through my radio show. Her energy is uplifting and her spirit inspiring. I learn something new about life, transformation and motivation every time we speak. I highly recommend her book, The Sky Is Green and the Grass is Blue and her coaching services to all. She is a master of sharing vivid stories that transform life.”

Tamara Kleinberg, President & Chief Imganinator; Imaginibblles
Business Consultant and Speaker to Fortune 100 Companies, as seen in The New York Times.



“She asks thought provoking questions and handles the interview with great professionalism. I felt she really understood the Full Potential message and reflected on key points in a way that made it easier for her audience to “get it”. It was a great pleasure being on her show and I encourage her light to keep on shining brighter, the world needs it!”

James Rick; Founder of Full Potential Academy, Author, International Speaker
As seen on Oprah and Fox Business



“Deb Scott is an extraordinary radio host, a highly skilled professional and an expert on social networking. She is a charming, warm individual who brings out the best in her guests and in colleagues. She exudes quality, integrity, genuine interest and warmth. Deb’s radio show is one of the best ones I have ever appeared on and the reverberations have not stopped! I am still getting contacts and offers as a result of my work with Deb. She is an amazing human being, host and colleague and I would recommend her to anyone who wants an unparalled experience with a coaching and radio professional.”

Dr. Nancy Mramor; Licensed clinical, media and health Psychologist, Transform Media
Award Winning Author of Spiritual Fitness, As seen on CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, Fox, Woman’s World and Reader’s Digest


“I wholeheartedly endorse what Deb is doing, the way she is doing it and the woman who is doing it! Deb is a pro and encourages everyone around her to shine their brightest for the benefit of all.
I highly recommend connecting with her, trusting her and partnering with her in any way that makes sense to you!”

Marnie Swedberg; Mentor to Super Busy Moms, Coach, Speaker, Radio Host, Author, Time Management Trainer



“I recently had the honor to be on Deb’s show; and the word “honor” is not a pleasent nicety this time, but I truly felt HONORED to be on her show. I’ve been listening to her shows in the past and she is always so enthusiastic, upbeat, positive, and has some great dynamics with the guests. It was my dream to be once on her show and when I did get on the show I was treated like a true celebrity. I’ve been a guest on many shows – both traditional radio shows and internet-based shows – Deb’s interview was far the best interview I’ve ever had.
I highly recommend Deb to anyone who wants to experience a different type of interviewing; as well as I highly recommend her as a personal coach. The questions she was asking during the show (straying away from the script) clearly showed that she’s a deep thinker and great at bringing the best out of people.”

E.G. Sebastian; President-EG Performance Solutions
International Presentations in English, Spanish, Hungarian, and Romanian.



“Listen up! … That is exactly what you do when you tune in to Deb Scott’s radio show … you listen UP because Deb Scott is light years above most other radio hosts!
Her level of knowledge and her deep desire to learn more is impressive; however, it is her sincere willingness to share quality information to help you live a better life that will endear her to you forever. Deb has a natural curiosity combined with true compassion to learn and teach about subjects that help us all become more authentic.
If you want to live a fuller, richer life, tune in to Deb Scott’s show on a regular basis. Her integrity is awe-inspiring, and her connectedness is infectious. Deb is so connected to her life’s purpose as well as those whose lives she touches through her work, and get this … she wants to share that with you!
If I were you, I’d grab that opportunity with both hands!
My hat is off to Deb Scott, and my heart is grateful for her … yours will be, too … but only if you open your heart and airwaves and let her in!

Debbie Mancini-Wilsom; Coach, Speaker, Best Selling Children’s Author- Color My World
Family Creativity Expert for NBC & CBS Morning Shows



“Needing an escape from an unusually tough day personally, I decided it was time to read “The Sky is Green and The Grass is Blue” – nothing could have been more appropriate. If you ever wondered if there is something wrong with you because you think differently, or you currently have a challenge or just need some insight or new ideas for how to approach current problems, then you will want to read this book. It’s an easy read, thoughtful, offers surprising openness regarding Deb’s own life challenges and tremendous resources to help you move in a better direction. I very much enjoyed the inspirational quotes too!”

Elinor Stutz; CEO of Smooth Sale, LLC
International Speaker, Author and Trainer, International BestSeller – Nice Girls DO Get the Sale



“Deb Scott was an expert guest on Aging Info Radio, and was absolutely wonderful! She spoke about so many things that can positively impact your life and well being. Deb has my highest recommendation to be a speaker, your coach and most definitely a guest on the radio. She is an excellent author. Her book, The Sky is Green and The Grass is Blue, Turning Your Upside Down World Right Side Up is another piece of the extraordinary work she has done to help others. I not only recommend Deb, I also recommend reading her book. It is a great way to start 2011 by making it a “Yes” year!

Sue Billings Zawacki, Radio Host; Aging Info Radio to WJJG – AM 1530

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