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About the Book “This Book Is A Rewarding experience!” K.B.

National Book Award Winner

Mind Vitamin Minutes with Deb Scott, BA, CPC offers super powerful and highly targeted  cures for stress, worry, fear, disappointment and regret.  Get a new way of thinking, being and doing with these effective ideas you can trust to deliver amazing results.  Small hinges open big doors!


About the Author

“Deb Scott is a top notch best selling award winning author, speaker, radio host/interviewer, and a coach extraordinaire. When I think of someone who lives in courage daily and inspires others to be their best, it’s Deb Scott. I have had the honor of being a guest on “The Best People We Know Show” and a speaker for “Motivation Marathon”. Deb Scott is full of enthusiasm, has a big heart and is integrity driven. If you ever have a chance to be interviewed by Deb Scott, say YES! This top rated internet show is sharply intelligent, flowing and Deb’s interest in what you have to say is genuine. A true professional with a quick wit, a rare gem to be cherished is Deb Scott!”  -Debra Oakland; Living in Courage
______________________________________________“There is no doubt in my mind Deb’s success is as a result of her sincere and immediate connection to those she comes in contact with. After only moments, I felt like I had known Deb for decades. Her passion for life and enthusiasm for success are contagious. Deb is someone I intend to stay close to and someone to call friend; I want everyone to know about this special lady. Her outlook on life is infectious and her genuine love for life and what she does is sincere and amazing. I consider it an honor and privilege to be in such great company.”-Amy Ohm; Health Advocate & Founder, Treatment Diares

Deb Scott, BA, CPC is four time Award Winning Author in Self-Help, Motivation, Deb Scott Award Winning Author Best New Non-Fiction and Self-Improvement for ‘The Sky is Green & The Grass is Blue.’ Deb is a Featured & Top Rated Radio Host of The Best People We Know Show on Blog Talk Radio, with over 1 Million global listeners ranking in the top 1-2% of popularity in 20 categories. The show was an award winner for Best Podcaster in the Shorty Awards.

A high honors Biology major in college, Deb became an award winning Cardiovascular Sales Specialist for twenty years. Deb has worked with and been in surgery with some of the best Cardiac Surgeons in the world. Deb helps people transform their lives by combining her unique practical business and leadership experience as a successful professional, with her passion to help people be the best person they were created to be. Deb has overcome sexual abuse, other’s alcoholism, family dysfunction, been the sole care giver for each of her parents until their passing of cancer, and even encountered financial devastation. Deb understands pain, suffering and is no stranger to even death. Regardless of how hopeless or frustrated you may feel about your situation, Deb can help you find the gifts and good in any circumstance, to know without a doubt the best is yet to come.

TestimonialIf you want to meet the most powerful and amazing person you will ever know, let Deb Scott introduce you to YOU! Within the pages of this book Deborah offers her first hand advice to gently and effectively guide you, including easy exercises which can assist you, in turning your challenges into celebrations. -Sumner M. Davenport; Results Coach, Bounce-Back Expert;Best Selling Author; The “G” spot, The ecstasy of life through GRATITUDE.
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