The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

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If you think you have to have lots of money to start a new business or be a successful entrepreneur, Mike Michalowicz will give you plenty of reasons why you are absolutely wrong. The first, being his very own life story, three multi-million dollar companies later.

You may know him best as The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, via his best-selling book, Wall Street Journal articles, or as seen on MSNBC. One thing is for sure, Mike’s new out of the box paradigm is deeply rooted in a lot of old fashion qualities; honesty, enthusiasm, passion, determination, loyalty and hard work, just to name a few.

Listen to Mike now.

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I had the great privilege and pleasure of interviewing Mike on The Best People We Know Radio Show with my Motivation Marathon co-host and CEO of the Best Ever You Network, Elizabeth Hamilton.

Feel the fun, learn some awesome life lessons, CLICK HERE to listen to the show.

Mike’s philosophy focuses on innovation, not money. Listen to story of the Pizza man and you’ll really understand what I’m talking about.

Being an entrepreneur is not necessarily for everyone, but if you’ve had a tug in your heart to create that business you’ve been carrying around in your head for days, months or even years, then you stumbled upon a priceless gift.  Listen to Mike now, and find out why peace, prosperity and happiness is readily available with a price tag no amount of money could buy.

Listen now – you’ll be glad you did.

Listen to internet radio with Best People We Know on Blog Talk Radio


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    I am a long time watcher and I just believed I’d drop by and say hello for your first time. I seriously take pleasure in your posts. Thank you