Terrific Teens – The Best People We Know Club!

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You may have heard the phrase, “out of the mouth of babes,” but you may never have considered learning life lessons from teens.  This blog post could provide a surprise which opens your mind.

Terrific Teens Team!

I recently completed a full week of volunteer teaching summer catechism (i.e. better known as Sunday school) for eighth graders at my parish in Newburyport, Massachusetts. This was a super concentrated program, from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm daily.  Quite a demanding commitment for most adults, these young  people rose to the occasion with an attitude of openness, enthusiasm, and respect.

These terrific teens became positive energy transformation machines!  

Each student enjoyed contributing their own personal brand of authenticity into each project and presentation.  Creating posters, coordinating skits, organizing events, each teen expressed themselves with healthy humility and charisma.  A delicate balance of integrity many adults have sadly forgotten to represent.

Our Future & Hope

Picture Perfect Pizza.

At the end of the week, the group yearned for pizza.  How could you say no to those sparkling eyes and miles of smiles?!

When one of the group went out to place the order (everyone has a cell phone at thirteen these days), the returning response included, “Deb, we were short $15.00 for the order, but the pizza lady said not to worry about it, and she’s going to deliver it to us anyway!”

Shocked, I had to smile myself.  It was clear the pizza lady responded with the non-conventional generosity of spirit the students expressed to her.  Do we give more than we receive?

Screaming with excitement and gratitude to have all five pizzas confirmed in the order, the group quickly applied the lessons they had learned.  Love is an action word, and what would appreciation for pizza look like?

A huge hand made poster board thank you card of course!  Complete with pictures, comments, signatures, and a “Deb’s Awesome Class, INC” manufacturing logo.  A human symphony orchestrated with  fun and flair everywhere!

Give what You have to Give-Gratitude

A surprise for the eyes, a gift for the soul, a lesson in love, from heaven above. 

We can all grab a gift in this simple pleasure of …

living in the moment. 

Being fully present. 

Grateful without reserve. 

Open without intimidation. 

Celebrating the simple.

The Best People We Know Club!

Refocus your vision for your eyes to clearly see.  Expect the magic to be in every moment.  Accept sometimes the best wisdom is packaged in a surprise.  Open you heart and mind to find the treasure in your terrific teens.

Give Authenticity

If ever there is a memory to turn a green sky into beautiful true blue, it could come from the unique brand of you.  Dare to be bold in shining your brilliance into this day.

Your light might fade the shadows blocking someone else’s way. 

Love in action never looked so good!

Love in Action

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  • greensky

    thank you Diane!!
    wow !! your comment is a true gift:)
    i would say there is a book in YOU for sure!
    spiritual sisters need to encourage each other to keep going strong – you are making such a difference in so many lives.
    remember – “People don’t change because they see the light – but they change because they feel the heat.”
    help others most assuredly helps us..
    continued blessings to you in all you do!
    sharing is caring <3

  • http://Invis.ca Diane E. Baker

    Thank you Deb for penning your experience to help others through their painful times. We all have to deal with some challenges in our lives. I have had many more than I care to share at this time, although many people have said I should write a book too!

    I have also been able to guide others as they journey through pain and confusion and ask God. “Why Me?” The pain does eventually lessen and we may then go in directions that we may have never noticed the pathways for otherwise.

    I love the teens “Pizza Story” at camp. It is great when they show their gratitude. I have survived raising 4 teens mostly by myself and now witness 3 stepkids going through the turmoil of their family breakup and teen hormones all at once. Their father wonders why their moods are so unpredictable this year!! They do cease to amaze us that they really are loving, caring individuals under the rough exterior somedays. They are all good kids and will come through with their father’s good qualities that he raised them with. My own children have become loving, responsible adults with my influence and not their fathers at all. We thank God they have all followed the responsible parent’s ways. So keep on living right and the bright lights will shine through again. Do good on this earth before you leave it.

    Helping others has always made me grateful for small mercies and blessings. Take care. DB