Turning Your Talents & Passions into Success

As Featured in The Motivation Marathon.
By Deb Scott and Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Terrific Tips!

Do you want to be a success? Of course your answer is a resounding YES!

The more difficult question to contemplate might be: how do you define and measure your success?

Is it having a specific amount of money?
Being a certain weight?
Traveling around the world?
Receiving recognition and accolades at work?
Experiencing a rewarding relationship with your partner, spouse or children?
Is it an emotional feeling of peaceful well-being?

You can’t turn your talents and passions into success, if you don’t have a clear definition of what success is for you.


Write down your personal definition of success below.


The next part of the equation is identifying your talents and passions. You may have a talent which you are not passionate about using, and a passion for something you are not talented to manifest, and you may have some talents and passions which directly overlap. For example, you may be passionate about drawing, but you might not be particularly talented at it. You might be very talented at singing, but not particularly passionate about it. You could be a talented teacher and also very passionate about teaching.

Take a moment to write three things you are talented at, and three things you are passionate about.

Talents                                                                    Passions

1.                                                                                  1.

2.                                                                                  2.

3.                                                                                  3.

A recent study by Dr. Martin Seligman suggested happiness can be broken down into three separate and measurable categories.

A) The Pleasant Life
Having as much positive emotion and as little negative emotion as possible.

B) The Engaged Life
Being completely absorbed by the challenges you face at work, love, play, etc.

C) The Meaningful Life
Knowing what your highest strengths are and using them to belong to and serve something that is bigger than you are.

Combining your talents with your passions in the context of what gives you positive emotions, and powerfully absorbs you in a meaningful way, will inevitably give you true success in being your most authentic self.

 Fit Your Talents & Passions Together for Success


One of the best ways to achieve something you want is to find a good mentor. Who can you think of who has already accomplished what you want? What did they do to get it? Who do they associate with? What types of activities and hobbies do they engage in? What types of people do they associate with? What books do they read? What associations do they belong to? What are their daily habits like? These are just some of the questions you can ask.

Name 2 people you admire who already have what you want.



The Texas Medical Association identified 8 characteristics of happy people.

8 Characteristics of Happy People…They…

· devote a great amount of time to family and friends

· are comfortable expressing gratitude

· are the first to offer a helping hand

· express optimism when imagining their futures

· savor life’s pleasures and live in the moment

· make physical activity a daily habit

· are deeply committed to lifelong goals

· show poise and strength in coping with crises

Do you notice a trend, that happiness is developed by nurturing your talents and passions, which ultimately leads to personal success?

Doing what you were designed to successfully accomplish will give you more energy, not less. You will be better at making decisions, leading others, and more resilient in adversity. Your health and immune system will be stronger, and you will enjoy a more satisfying life.

Another psychological study by Chris Peterson indicates truly successful and satisfied people tend to have the following 6 virtues in their character:

· Wisdom

· Courage

· Humility

· Justice

· Temperance

· Transcendence

Which one of these do you identify with most powerfully? Which one of these do you admire in other people? Which ones do you want to experience more frequently?

Once you have clearly defined what success is for you; understanding what talents you have and what sets your heart on fire with passion, you are able to deliberately feed your soul in each area. Ideally, you will be activating one or more of the virtues listed above to reinforce your overall success.

So how can you strategies for success?

Implementing the following three elements into your action plan will result in success:

1. Focus on learning new skills to reinforce your talents and passions.

2. Consistently cultivate what you already do well and enjoy.

3. Eliminate unnecessary stressors which are not a priority to your value system.

You can’t do it alone, and you weren’t meant to! We all learn, grow, and succeed with the help of others. Surrounding yourself with people who inspire your soul to free your talents and passions will carry you with momentum not possible on your own power.

We are here to support your success with tips and tools you can use and trust.  Keep  going and growing to be your best!

Love and Blessings,

Deb Scott and Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino


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“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go and do that. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

If you think you have to have lots of money to start a new business or be a successful entrepreneur, Mike Michalowicz will give you plenty of reasons why you are absolutely wrong. The first, being his very own life story, three multi-million dollar companies later.

You may know him best as The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, via his best-selling book, Wall Street Journal articles, or as seen on MSNBC. One thing is for sure, Mike’s new out of the box paradigm is deeply rooted in a lot of old fashion qualities; honesty, enthusiasm, passion, determination, loyalty and hard work, just to name a few.

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Deb Scott, BA, CPC

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The 1 Product You Must Have in Your Business for 2011 & Why

As Featured in We Magazine and Accomplish Magazine !

Do you have it to give?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you knew there was one product everyone wanted to buy? I mean really, we all desire to be desirable, and who doesn’t want to have sky rocketing sales in their business? Out with old, and in with the new, this is one item you simply must have to be rising star!

Trust is the Must

A recent study by Yankelovich State of Consumer Reports, illustrates how trust impacts the consequences on your business results.

  • Most consumers show that businesses have earned their trust – even if they charge more.45% have lost trust in a business
    Actions taken when Trust in Business is lost:
    -94% spend less
    -76% tell family and friends
    -58% stop shopping there for some time
    -49% increase business with a competitor – even if competitor is not viewed as any better

Even more disturbing is data which demonstrates this deficiency is systemic in all areas of our life. “Polls record levels of trust in politicians, businessmen, scientists and others that are at all time lows: a crisis in trust is currently gripping Western culture.” “Just 17 per cent of Americans now rate the honesty and ethics of business executives highly,” according to a recent World Economic Forum survey.

Trust in Business is a Success Must

The confidence crisis is surely here.

You may not have thought about making trust your prime business brand,but it is obvious, “trust is the big issue of the 21st century,” business expert Kieron O’Hara. Every business, regardless of product focus, is being evaluated in the category of trust, whether you like it or not.

In fact, “Trust in relationships is probably of greater economic value now, ironically at a time when cynicism and skepticism about marketers’ claims is at all-time high.”

Trust: Action or Feeling?

Can I trust you?

If trust is so important to have in your business, why doesn’t everyone have it? Just exactly what is “trust” in my business? Is trust the feeling I have about a business, or the actions the people in it express?

You can’t put trust in a box and wrap it with a pretty bow. “Trust doesn’t just happen; it arises from the way people choose to interact. Trust in complex organizations should not be left to chance. It helps to follow certain practices to maintain and grow trust.”

“Trust is created – or destroyed – by our actions. The simplest and most important of these is our ability to keep the promises we make.”

Ask yourself the following questions about a business you buy from:

  • Do you keep your word to me?
  • Do you care about my needs being met?
  • Do you solve conflicts in a positive manner?
  • Do you maintain a consistent style of communication?
  • Do you make yourself available to me?
  • Do you believe in what you are doing and saying?
  • Do you express appreciation to me?
  • Do you relate to my problems and needs?
  • Do you respect your own employees?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself, if you were your own customer. The ultimate question of course is this; Would you want to buy from you?

Benefits of Trust

If you build a bridge of solid trust, you can bring just about anything you want across to the other side. Trust is the platform to carry your goods, not the other way around. Trust is the solid transportation vehicle for efficiency and long-term success. “The principle is this: all your potential customers-the people most likely to invest in your services or products-all have advisors that they trust. These Trusted Advisors are professionals that not only do their job well, but take a pro-active role in identifying ways to increase clients’ profits”

“Generally, these Trusted Advisors have created such a reputation for recommending profitable change that their clients no longer question their recommendations. Now imagine what it would be like if you had a team of these Trusted Advisors recommending your services and products to their customers-customers who have a genuine need for them!”

What are some of the primary benefits to establishing trust in your busienss?  You could–

  • Shorten your Sales Cycle
  • Increase your Closing Ratio
  • Maintain your Customer Base

How many times have you spoken to a person only because your friend asked you do so? I bet a lot. Now think of having a group of people working for you and your products or services in the same way. This type of product promotion is priceless.

Putting it all together!

“Warren Bennis claims trust is one of six basic elements of leadership. “Integrity is the basis of trust, which is not so much an ingredient of leadership as it is a product,” he says. “It is the one quality that cannot be acquired, but must be earned. It is given by co-workers and followers, and without it, the leader can’t function.”

Looking to 2011

If you have decided after reading this article trust is a product you have to prioritize in your business for the coming year, then consider this; No one will ever trust you if you don’t trust yourself first.

“Trust is the foundation upon which relationships in every setting are built. It is the emotional glue that holds leaders and followers together. The moment trust is gone, everything begins to fall apart.”

The “Us” in Trust, begins with You.


Deb Scott, BA, CPC, is a Certified Professional Coach, Speaker, Award Winning Author ofThe Sky is Green and The Grass is Blue – turning your upside down world right side up!” (Amazon), and host of the “Best People We Know!” Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio. Deb can help you be your best in life and business, visit http://www.greenskyandbluegrass.com today.

Build a Bridge of Trust Today

Passion + Purpose + Profit = Best You!

What’s Your Passion?

"I wonder if I..."

A lot of people I work with tell me they would do what they want to do if they just knew what it was. The say, “I just don’t know what my passion and purpose is!” 

Well, here are some simple ways to find out.

Get in a quiet place, where there is no noise or distraction. Ask yourself the following questions, and write down the answers without thinking about them too long.  The gift is embracing what most quickly comes to mind on first instinct.

Take the “Find Your Purpose” Quiz:

  • What did you most enjoy doing as a child?
  • What were your favorite cartoon characters and toys?
  • What type of movies do you enjoy watching over and over again?
  • What do you find yourself doing when you don’t notice time has passed by?

Now, reflect on your answers. Do you notice a theme threading them together?

Do you find yourself gravitating towards helping people, seeking justice, wanting to travel, write, or speak? Do you enjoy creating things with your hands, or fixing problems that have no apparent solution? What do you notice as a reoccuring theme of problems and solutions?

"I'm thinking I notice..."

Feel Your Zeal

Studies tell us the formative years are between the ages of 8 and 13. This is a good time to ponder attitudes which may have been rooted which give you a passion for purpose. This zeal is your natural gift to the world, and a powerful indicator of where you will most likely be successful.

Another great thermometer test to uncover your special brand of brilliance, is in the compliments you receive from people who know you. For example, maybe people comment on your ability to work well with children, and you have been contemplating a career in education.  Perhaps you have been given accolades for your organizational skills, just when you considered opening a virtual assistant business.  There is no right or wrong to you, the key is to be aware of your strenghts, accept them, and subsequently find a compatible venue to optimize each one.

“Until you discover your “fire within” you will remain condemned to a life only endured, not lived; to delicacies only tasted, not devoured; to joys only imagined, not experienced. And in old age you will lament the days of your youth, when fears about money and security kept you from taking the leaps of faith and courage in the direction of your dreams.”

The Test of Time

What are you doing when time is passing, and you feel no sense of time at allWhat are you engaged in thinking, feeling, hearing, or speaking, when you suddenly look up at the clock and exclaim, “I can’t believe it’s already 3:00, where did the time go?!”  Pay attention to your own behavior as a strong source of good direction.

"I am Priceless!"

Most importantly, know you are not an accident! You are here for a definite purpose, to do a specific thing, which no one else can do in exactly the same way as you. 

“Be yourself.  Everybody else is already taken.”  Oscar Wilde



Deb Scott, BA (Beta Beta Beta) is a Certified Professional Coach, Speaker, and Award Winning Author of the motivational book “The Sky is Green and The Grass is Blue – turning your upside down world right side up!” (Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble.com).

Start Where You’re Standing

(As seen in All Books Review International; Inspiration)

How many times have you said to yourself, “I’m going to do that when —- happens.” “I’ll be able to do that when I have —– amount of money.” “As soon as I finish —– I’ll start to do ——.”

Start Now!

What you probably don’t hear yourself saying is, “If I wait another day to begin my dream of ——, I may not have the good health, family support, and/or love of friends which I now I enjoy, to enable me to accomplish ———. I must not delay another day!”

Do you see the difference?

They key factor in getting your dreams, your goals accomplished, is starting in some way, large or small, right now where you stand. You must begin by beginning.

The goal you can control is to create motion in this moment. Make tangible the thoughts you envision, and your actions will provide all the momentum you need to give your inspirations life.

Here are six simple success tips, you can do right now where you stand.:

1. Write down your dream / goal.
2. List three steps you will need to complete to achieve this dream/goal.
3. Identify a mentor who has already accomplished this goal, or something similar to your goal.
4, Listen to one radio interview, or read one ezine with this mentor.
5. Make one phone call, or send one email/letter to accomplish one step in point #2.
6. Keep repeating.

You can literally do all six of these steps in under one hour, and never leave your house!

Your Feet are Your Friends to the End!

None of us is promised tomorrow. Don’t risk the opportunity to taste your delight today. The time is now.

Surrender your illusion “—-” is required to begin. Accepting you must start where you are already standing, is the very first step towards touching your dream in this moment.

Your feet are your faithful friends to the end!

Deb Scott is Author of the Award Winning Motivational Book How to Be Happy: “The Sky is Green and The Grass is Blue – turning your upside down world right side up!”
Available on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com, Borders.com, and bookstores near you through Ingram Distributors.
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