Why I Thank God for Stress – 7 Reasons You Can Too

I never thought I would be thanking God for feeling stress, fear or anxiety, but I am here to tell you I do. It is a gift. It is a loud danger sign I have come to appreciate and respect. I don’t fight it anymore, I am grateful when it shows up.

How can stress be a positive protector to help you prune out the poisonous people, places and things in your life? What can you do to transform the trouble of today into the triumph of tomorrow? Is there a secret?

This was the topic of a recent discussion I had with Lauren Miller for her Stress Solutions University program.

Imagine for a moment you are driving to meet a friend. You get in the car and probably encounter a red light, slow down for a stop sign, or yield into a rotary. Do you for one moment yell at the red light, resent the stop sign, or get angry because you have to yield? No. You are grateful these signs exist to help protect you from the very real potential danger and destruction of a car accident. You are thankful someone placed these signals across your journey to help protect you from disaster. You humbly accept and follow the rules of the road as a positive part of your everyday travel.

In the same way, God gives you intuitive signals in your five senses to help navigate you safely through life.

The stress you feel when someone betrays you, the anxiety that overwhelms you in a work environment, the sick feeling in your stomach about a decision you have been procrastinating to face. These are all hidden gifts you need to unwrap. God is trying to help you be safe from danger. Stop and pay attention.

How can the feeling of fear or stress become a friend?

  1. Stop and immediately acknowledge and accept your feeling of stress. Notice where and how you are feeling stress in your body.
  2.  Thank God for giving you a sign to protect yourself from danger. Take a power pause.
  3.  Sit in silence with your feelings and ask, “What can I learn from this?” Discover yourself, you’re worth it.
  4.  Recognize that if you are feeling stress, anxiety, fear or confusion, you need to change direction from the source or trigger of these negative emotions. Protect yourself.
  5.  What new actions can you create as a result of this new awareness? What new choices are now available to you? You always have a choice.
  6. Ask God, pray, and/or meditate for the grace, wisdom and courage to implement one of these new options which brings you the most peace. Compassion for yourself is your quickest cure.
  7.  Remember, you don’t need to understand how God is showing up with this message for you to benefit from its’ effects. You use a lot of things in your day that you don’t understand how they work, but you don’t boycott using them because you don’t understand how the results are achieved. Trust.

Consider each seed of stress you despise, can be a source of strength which helps you a grow a great life you love.



Deb Scott, BA, CPC is a four time award winning author of, The Sky is Green & the Grass is Blue (a Kindle Top 20 Best Seller!), and a top rated best podcaster winner for, The Best People We Know Show, with over 1 million global listeners, and a Top 1% Kred Social Media Influencer. Deb spent twenty years as a cardiovascular surgical specialist, winning numerous awards for outstanding sales and leadership skills.  In her personal life, Deb battled sexual abuse, others’ alcoholism, dysfunctional relationships, depression, was the sole caregiver to both her parents who fought cancer to their death, and even experienced financial devastation.  Today, Deb helps people turn things around in their business, or the business of living, with the discovery of the amazing you.

Connect with Deb at: http://www.greenskyandbluegrass.com

This Story will Shift the Way You Think about Stress Forever

A young lady confidently walked around the Room with a raised glass of water while

Leading a seminar and explaining Stress Management to her audience. Everyone knew she

Was going to ask the ultimate question, ‘Half Empty or half full?’

She fooled them all.   “How Heavy is this glass of water?” she inquired With a smile.

Answers called out ranged from 8 oz. To 20 oz .

She replied, “The absolute weight doesn’t Matter. It depends on how long I hold it.

If I Hold it for a minute, that’s not a problem. If I hold it for an hour, I’ll have an ache in my

Right arm. If I hold it for a day, you’ll have to call an Ambulance. In each case it’s the same weight,

But the longer I hold it, the heavier it Becomes.”  She continued, “and that’s the way it is with Stress.

If we carry our burdens all The time, sooner or later, as the burden Becomes increasingly heavy, we won’t be able

To carry on.”  “As with the glass of water, you have to put It down for a while and rest before holding it

Again. When we’re refreshed, we can carry on With the burden – holding stress longer and

Better each time practiced.  So, as early in the evening as you can, put All your burdens down. Don’t carry them

Through the evening and into the night. Pick Them up again tomorrow if you must.

Deb Scott, BA, CPC is a four-time award winning author of “The Sky is Green and The Grass is Blue,” and a top rated Best Podcaster winner of “The Best People We Know Show” on blog talk radio, stitcher and player FM with over 1 million global listeners.  Deb spent twenty years as a cardiovascular surgical specialist, winning numerous awards for outstanding sales and leadership skills.  In her personal life, Deb battled sexual abuse, others’ alcoholism, dysfunctional relationships, depression, was the sole caregiver to both her parents who fought cancer to their death, and even experienced financial devastation.  Today, Deb helps people turn things around in their business, or the business of living, with the discovery of the amazing you. Sign up for Deb’s free mind vitamin monthly newsletter at:  http://www.GreenSkyandBlueGrass.com 

The Allergic to Negative People Pollution Solution

Pollution of every kind certainly catalyzes a visceral response of suffocation, oppression and even depression. “Let me out! I can’t breathe!” That’s what I’m talking about. Pollution that kills and destroys and sucks the life out of you. Pollution that you can visibly see, affect and avoid. Pollution you know is dangerous to your life and accept is all bad for your health. Pollution you don’t want in your life.

But what about the people who pollute your life with stress, anxiety, confusion and constant chaos? What about the people who pollute your life with manipulation, deceit and despair? What about the people who pollute your life with jealousy, rage and anger? What can you do to rid yourself of people pollution such as these?

People Pollution that negatively contaminates the environment of your life is a viral plague of poisonous people who need to be purposely pruned right out of your life.

What’s the pollution solution? How do you clear the smog of people pollution in your life? How do you cleanse your life from the symptoms of this contagious disease?

Smog be gone. Here’s four ways to quickly inject an antibiotic against the effects of this people pollution plague which silently infects the life of many innocent souls. It’s an easy recipe of mind vitamins to feed your whole soul and nurture your spirit with new strength and power to create renewed resistance against this saturating sickness.

1. People Pollution Exists – Accept it.

There is great power in accepting things as they are instead of how you want them to be. Why? Because when you accept the truth of a situation, you are free to make better choices with this knowledge. You must accept some people actually enjoy creating and being immersed in pollution, consciously or unconsciously. Your being uncomfortable with their polluting behavior will not motivate them to change, but it can help you change to feel better.

2. It’s not your fault – Don’t try to justify.

You did not cause the other person to create polluting behavior, and you can’t cure them of it either. Don’t accept unacceptable behavior. Resist the desire to justify bad polluting behavior, or think there is anything you can say or do to change the results of a polluter.

3. Decide for different – Imagine better possibilities & outcomes.

Once you decide you don’t want to be around polluting behavior you are ready to imagine new outcomes and better possibilities of not having that type of negatively affect you. You don’t know what you don’t know. Consider how much energy you will have available to do positive things in your life, when you get back all the precious energy you were expending trying to fight the people who were polluting your life.

4. Spread your Shine – Purify the pollution with positivity.

Let your positive sunshine burn their polluting smog right out of your life. Sticking to your positive standards of peace, compassion, creativity, enthusiasm, faith and confidence in a brighter day to keep you above the clouds like the sun in the sky. The best protection against people pollution is pollution rejection.

The winning equation to your sensational success in being free from the bad fruit of polluting people is accepting people pollution exists. Having a simple strategy to reject the effects of people who negatively pollute your life is a great way to build up a powerful immunity against this deadly disease.        


Deb Scott, BA, CPC  is a four-time award winning author of “The Sky is Green and The Grass is Blue,”  and a top rated Best Podcaster winner of “The Best People We Know Show” on blog talk radio, stitcher and player FM with over 1 million global listeners.  Deb spent twenty years as a cardiovascular surgical specialist, winning numerous awards for outstanding sales and leadership skills.  In her personal life, Deb battled sexual abuse, others’ alcoholism, dysfunctional relationships, depression, was the sole caregiver to both her parents who fought cancer to their death, and even experienced financial devastation.  Today, Deb helps people turn things around in their business, or the business of living, with the discovery of the amazing you.

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5 Tips to Keep Your Peace


Get Me Out of Here!

Are your days hectic, busy, and filled with unexpected obstacles to overcome? Do you feel like you need a break from the stress? Good news! You’re not alone in feeling the chaos, and now you won’t be alone in learning new ways to keep your peace.

Imagine you are an Olympic athlete walking on a balancing beam. You are deep in focus to perform your task perfectly on a three inch wide beam. You have practiced this move more times than you can count, and your confidence is strong. You begin your jump with focused momentum, when suddenly a loud distracting noise goes off in the stadium. The event surprises you, and captures your attention just long enough to cause you to lose a bit of your footing. You’ve trained tirelessly, and with anticipated interception to overcome an error in your landing, you quickly regain your balance to complete the move with majestic success. Congratulations! The applause from the crowd is only surpassed by the joy beaming out of your heart.

"I adjust my Balance Easily."

Maintaining your inner peace is a lot like that balancing act. You need to accept the unexpected is part of the process, and train yourself to successfully overcome the inevitable obstacles when they occur. You need to have the tools readily accessible to combat the confusion.

Here are 5 Terrific Tips to Keep Your Peace.

1. “What can I learn from this?”

One of the best ways to detach yourself from the emotional turmoil is to seek the solution in the problem. The gift of more peace may be wrapped in disguise. Is someone always criticizing you for never doing “it” good enough? Consider this as an opportunity to set better boundaries from negative people in your life. You may be able to learn how to practice letting go of this toxic personality in your life, which will help you avoid more of the same poisionous brand in the future. Always interrupt the disturbance with this thought, “What can I learn from this?”

2. Calling my rescue team!

Get into this habit, and practice it often. Ask for help from your spiritual rescue team. It doesn’t do you any good to have a million dollars in the bank if you don’t know it’s there, and you can’t enjoy the benefits of spiritual strength if you don’t ask your spiritual support team for assistance. Put the breaks on a chaotic encounter, or emotional disturbance, with a silent prayer for protection. God, your angels, the saints, family members who have passed on, they are all in your corner cheering you on to overcome any obstacle. Knowing you have a heaven sent support system at any moment you need, is a fail-safe security system. “Help!” is always a good start.

3. “What is my emotional temperature?”

Implement a new way of thinking which recognizes what comes out of someone else’s mouth is not necessarily the truth about you. The other person’s action igniting a reaction in you, is a good indicator of something YOU need to get healed. Consider the feeling of stress a temperature reading of your spiritual health. Are you way above normal? Feeling the fumes? Too hot to handle? Realize this awareness is a gift. Salt only hurts on an open wound, and if something hurts, that something in you needs to be healed. Awareness is key. A wound once healed is stronger than before, and the same came be true for you.

4. Practice Successful Sabotage

Set yourself up for success when the unavoidable storms hit you in the face. Hurricane winds may pass by you by, but they don’t have to uproot you if your deeply dug into solid ground. Sabotaging yourself for success is taking premeditated action to win the war against the battlefield of the mind. If you know your boss is going to be unreasonable during the day, make sure you have effective mind vitamins to counteract the negativity. Positive affirmations, favorite quotes, images which bring you peace, anything you know makes you feel happy and empowered should be strategically placed and readily available at your fingertips. Surround yourself with the fragrance of success. Breath in your ability to overcome any adversity. You are a champion!

5. Look for the humor in the horror.

Studies show laughter releases endorphins, which makes you feel good. Seeking solutions with a sense of humor will help you detach from the negative feelings, and open your mind to fresh choices. Sometimes the catastrophe can be the cure. If you have been seeking more quiet time alone, the fact your car broke down right after you ran out of gas, could be a unexpected opportunity to sit in silence while you wait for the tow truck. You can’t hear the kids screaming now! Laughter is a great medicine without any side effects. “Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out alive.” Ebbert Hubbard.

The key to keeping your peace is having a solid, readily available, armamentarium to fight the peace killers successfully. Understanding you can’t stop the negative events, but you can stop their accompanying negative feelings from contaminating you further, is part of your winning equation.

Begin now. You’re worth the effort!

The Perfect Gift for You or Someone You Love...

Deb Scott, BA (Beta Beta Beta), CPC, is author of the award winning book changing lives, “The Sky is Green and The Grass is Blue - turning your upside down world right side up!” For more about Deb’s coaching, speaking, or radio show,  sign up for her mind vitamin newsletter now.

Eliminate Fatigue the Natural Way

Do you feel more fatigued in recent days?

It could be due to the reduction in daylight hours as we enter the winter season, or as obvious as the upcoming issues often associated with holiday stress. No matter the cause, there is a natural way to fight fatigue, for free.

"I've fallen and I can't get up!"

Researchers at the “University of Michigan, and Terry Hartig, of  Uppsala University, have shown that nature experiences relieve mental fatigue.” Nature is filled with abundant content in sight, sound, color, smell, and sound which “offers intrinsic interest and a sense of fascination, which leads to renewed attention and positive affects of well-being.”

Your Five Senses

When your five senses are engaged, you are more likely to be mindful in the present moment. This awareness boosts sensitivity throughout your body, releasing endorphins.

Feel the cool crisp fall air on your cheeks, taste the blazing colors of yellow, orange, and red jewel tones bursting through the autumn leaves. Hear the squirrels scurrying through the ground foliage, and smell the soothing scents of the wild which refresh the depths of your soul. Breath deep, and experience the peace.

A Natural Mirror of YOU

There is good reason why your inner spirit feels at rest in the woods. Kaplan & Talbot found statistical evidence that, “exposure to external fundamental structures leads to greater contact with internal fundamental structures.” So if you want to discover more of your inner self, place yourself in natural outer surroundings which act as a mirror to ignite the process of self discovery.  

Soak in Nature

There’s even more good news. Merely focusing on photographs of nature can have similar results. “Studies showed those individuals who observed images of nature compared to urban scenes had an increase in overall well-being, as well.”  Placing images of nature in your office or home are more than mere aesthetics.


A Very Good Medicine

Nature is potent medicine. “One previous study showed that surgical patients with a view of trees required fewer painkillers than those looking at a brick wall.” And a Japanese study showed that, “a three-day exposure to nature increased the body’s natural “killer cells” by 50 percent.”

Wear Now

Feelings of awe and wonder help shift our focus from the “me” to “we” in search of universal connectedness. Ideas and insights into spiritual meaning are born and developed, with a sense of surprise and divine arrangement. Being part of something greater than oneself adds purpose and meaning to life.

So next time you feel mentally, emotionally, or physically exhausted, consider immersing yourself in the natural remedy outside your door.   More of the birds and bees, please.

Pet Power: Reduce Stress & Increase Happiness

The mutual admiration society stress busters never looked so good!

Pet Power!

Beijo and Zu-Zu are the antidote to any anxiety problem just by being alive. Do you have a Beijo and Zu-Zu in your life? Maybe you need to find one.

These two faithful friends consistently help me beat unwanted stress by:

1. Making me laugh when I may want to cry.
2. Helping me appreciate the present moment.
3. Motivating me to get my exercise by giving them theirs.
4. Reflect on the gift of simplicity.
5. Focus on enjoying being vs. doing.
6. Smile often and feel happy.

Stress and peace can’t occupy the same space at the same time, any more than you can bring darkness into the light.

It is impossible to have one, without eliminating the other. “Stay in the light, and you’ll never have to be afraid of the dark.”

It's All Good

Beijo and Zu-Zu are like a fragrant perfume spraying “All Things Good” 24/7. They reduce stress because they increase joy. Unlike people, these two don’t restrain their excitement, or fear expressing their innermost feelings to me. They are not restricted by other people’s perception, or intimidated by social etiquette. Their motivation is completely transparent. What you see, is what you get! How refreshing.

Proud Member of Pet Power Club!

They always help me leave my stress at the door, with their over exuberating jubilee welcome home wag dance. Was I gone for a lifetime? These two have no inhibitions in expressing how elated they are to have me back home.

Yes, my four legged friends can frequently reduce stress more effectively than a lot of people I know, and there are studies to back up the claim.

Clinical research done by William A. Banks, M.D., professor of geriatrics in the department of internal medicine and professor of pharmacological and physiological sciences at Saint Louis University School of Medicine showed, “Nursing home residents felt much less lonely after spending time alone with a dog than they did when they visited with a dog and other people.” ( Anthrozoos 18(4) 3/2006). Wow!

Another study by Karen Allen, Ph.D., of the State University of New York at Buffalo, writing in the journal of Psychosomatic Medicine, found that, “Compared with human support, the presence of pets was associated with lower perceived and actual responses to stress. While the idea of a pet as social support may appear to some as a peculiar notion, our participants’ responses to stress, combined with their descriptions of the meaning of pets in their lives, suggest to us that social support can indeed cross species.” Pets can often do what people can’t!

God & the Dog!

Faithful companions, neither Beijo nor Zu-Zu ever criticize me, reveal my deepest secrets, or reject my quality of love.   Loyal friends who speak in a snuggle, wag of a tail, or kiss with their licks. This brand of unconditional love grows only peace and acceptance.

Pet power can beat your stress!  God and the Dogs – man’s best friend!

Pets are Heaven Sent Gifts of Love