A Terrific Turn-Key Transformation Tip to Lighten any Trouble

That feeling of being overwhelmed and exhausted, saturated with suffocation by a problem you don’t think has any solution can be completely paralyzing. Anger, fear and resentment arrive wrapped in a bow of confusion like the plague without warning. “Do I really have to deal with this right now?”

Pending the discovery of a silver bullet which I have never known to exist for anyone, I think you’ll find this little exercise a quick fun fix to turn around any sorrowful perspective into a dazzling vision of hope and joy.

“When the time to perform arrives, the time to prepare has past”.

I recently interviewed the founder of Mariposa Magazine, Emily Hahn, and loved her cure for the “stinking thinking” disease we can all occasionally face. I call this type of action “successful sabotage” because you are setting yourself up for success in advance of encountering any inevitable obstacle. Consider it an insurance policy to protect your heart from despair.

Acceptance is imperative. Why? Because understanding you will face people, places and events which can get you a little down now and then, is the foundation of all true freedom. It’s OK. Don’t worry. It happens to everyone. The brilliance is not in avoiding feelings of pain, but to make sure those hurtful feelings don’t become your final destination. Good to begin well, better to end well.

Emily had a really rough childhood as an immigrant to the United States, from language barriers to family dysfunction. She had a tough marriage which ended up in divorce, and difficulty finding financing to complete her education while raising her children alone. It wasn’t easy to pick herself up and go on, but she did. (Listen to her story – click here).

During that time of discouragement, she unexpectedly found a job as a waitress, which she very much enjoyed because she loved meeting and serving a variety of new people. The money she earned afforded her the opportunity to complete her college degree, which she then used as a spring board to become a top sales manager at a fortune 500 company.

One day, driving through town, she found herself reflecting on her earlier struggles and how drastically different her life had become (for the better). She was deeply grateful, thanking God to be on the other side of her most horrific pain, when she suddenly recognized the old restaurant. How could she have ever known?

Emily thought how wonderful it would be if she could forever capture that pure moment of peace, success and appreciation. Wouldn’t it be amazing if she could bottle that positive energy for safe keeping to recycle on a rainy day? She wanted to wrap herself in that blanket of joy and happiness to never forget.

It was in that moment that she had the idea. Compelled by a strong inspiration, she entered her old establishment to purchase an apron like the one she had worn for so many long hours in days gone by. She wanted to touch that piece of her history that gave her the opportunity to turn her life around.

What happened next was equally as unexpected. She went to her local frame store and had that apron mounted on all four sides like a badge of honor. It was her certificate of authenticity, proof she could live life on life’s terms, validation that dreams really can come true.

Today, that framed apron proudly perches in her office as a constant reminder that the bend in the road doesn’t have to be the end of the road. She did it once; she can do it again and again and again after that. Her disappoints in life were spiritually transformed into a vehicle of delight. Anything is possible with a little hope, faith, trust and true grit.

Emily's Framed Apron

Emily Hahn didn’t discover an antibiotic to eliminate problems from everyday living, but she most assuredly learned how to inject optimism into every moment of the days she is yet to live.

Like the caterpillar into the butterfly, we often don’t see the most beautiful change is happening deep inside our struggle, which births the strength to give us our wings to fly.



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