“How could having a mentor be Magical to me?”

"Mentors Are For ALL Ages!"

We all want success, happiness, and prosperity in our personal and professional lives. We want, we want, we want. Yet, we often feel like there is no way to achieve the dream. As if we have tried every experiment under the sun, without the glimpse of triumph.

Do you really believe you have attempted every possible equation in this big bold world of billions?

As we get older, I think we often forget the wisdom of our childhood years. The inescapable thirst to know everything about anything, and the innocent acceptance that we can’t get their on our own power. We need help to reach the countertop, explanations of words too big for our minds to comprehend, and protection from getting in our own harms way. Shameless assistance constantly requested is a tireless enjoyment in the eyes of a child. “How else can I learn?”

Mentors are guides for adult living.

Traveling any unknown jungle can be a fear filled journey without a local guide and his machetti clearing the overgrown path in front of you. Why would you plan any trip without the assistance of a qualified expert familiar with the Touraine?

Who Can YOU Mentor Today?

Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel! Stubborn people deplete precious energy in a rocking chair of pride. Successful people humbly detach from a situation, and spend time finding assistance from a person who knows how to fly a plane to quickly and efficiently get where they want to go!

A mentor will shorten your learning curve, and increase your mathematical odds for outstanding success.

Your mentors experience, strength, and discernment, has perhaps taken years to accumulate through trial and error. This knowledge is priceless. How can you measure the value of time? How much time did it take your mentor to reap the reward sown in his/her life experience? This is now being handed on to you.

Spend time today writing down your top three goals, and researching people who have attained these goals gloriously. How did they talk? What questions did they ask? What books did they read? Where did they spend their time in the friends or company you could potentially meet?

Learn what you can from a mentor more wise than yourself. People perish from lack of knowledge, and the courage to ask the right questions. The more you give, the more you receive. Magic never looked so easy to believe.


We Need YOU!


Transform Tragedy into Happy Triumph!

Okay, we  have all had tragedies in our lives. What the heck do we do with them? How can my tragedies be transformed in my life to help me be happy? I have so many, I wrote a motivational book about them!

Have you experienced any of these tragedies?

  • Grown up in a dysfunctional family?
  • Suffered a period of depression or hopelessness?
  • Been betrayed by someone you trusted and loved?
  • Experienced sexual abuse by a person in authority?
  • Battled the fight against alcohol with yourself or with a loved one?
  • Questioned the existence of God?
  • Asked why bad things were happening to you?
  • Suffered more than you felt you could bear?
  • Experienced the grief of family death?
  • Lost all your financial savings?
  • Want to be happy?

Well, if you said yes to any of the above, then I am just like you. [Read more…]