Passion + Purpose + Profit = Best You!

What’s Your Passion?

"I wonder if I..."

A lot of people I work with tell me they would do what they want to do if they just knew what it was. The say, “I just don’t know what my passion and purpose is!” 

Well, here are some simple ways to find out.

Get in a quiet place, where there is no noise or distraction. Ask yourself the following questions, and write down the answers without thinking about them too long.  The gift is embracing what most quickly comes to mind on first instinct.

Take the “Find Your Purpose” Quiz:

  • What did you most enjoy doing as a child?
  • What were your favorite cartoon characters and toys?
  • What type of movies do you enjoy watching over and over again?
  • What do you find yourself doing when you don’t notice time has passed by?

Now, reflect on your answers. Do you notice a theme threading them together?

Do you find yourself gravitating towards helping people, seeking justice, wanting to travel, write, or speak? Do you enjoy creating things with your hands, or fixing problems that have no apparent solution? What do you notice as a reoccuring theme of problems and solutions?

"I'm thinking I notice..."

Feel Your Zeal

Studies tell us the formative years are between the ages of 8 and 13. This is a good time to ponder attitudes which may have been rooted which give you a passion for purpose. This zeal is your natural gift to the world, and a powerful indicator of where you will most likely be successful.

Another great thermometer test to uncover your special brand of brilliance, is in the compliments you receive from people who know you. For example, maybe people comment on your ability to work well with children, and you have been contemplating a career in education.  Perhaps you have been given accolades for your organizational skills, just when you considered opening a virtual assistant business.  There is no right or wrong to you, the key is to be aware of your strenghts, accept them, and subsequently find a compatible venue to optimize each one.

“Until you discover your “fire within” you will remain condemned to a life only endured, not lived; to delicacies only tasted, not devoured; to joys only imagined, not experienced. And in old age you will lament the days of your youth, when fears about money and security kept you from taking the leaps of faith and courage in the direction of your dreams.”

The Test of Time

What are you doing when time is passing, and you feel no sense of time at allWhat are you engaged in thinking, feeling, hearing, or speaking, when you suddenly look up at the clock and exclaim, “I can’t believe it’s already 3:00, where did the time go?!”  Pay attention to your own behavior as a strong source of good direction.

"I am Priceless!"

Most importantly, know you are not an accident! You are here for a definite purpose, to do a specific thing, which no one else can do in exactly the same way as you. 

“Be yourself.  Everybody else is already taken.”  Oscar Wilde



Deb Scott, BA (Beta Beta Beta) is a Certified Professional Coach, Speaker, and Award Winning Author of the motivational book “The Sky is Green and The Grass is Blue – turning your upside down world right side up!” (Amazon, Kindle, Barnes &

Eliminate Fatigue the Natural Way

Do you feel more fatigued in recent days?

It could be due to the reduction in daylight hours as we enter the winter season, or as obvious as the upcoming issues often associated with holiday stress. No matter the cause, there is a natural way to fight fatigue, for free.

"I've fallen and I can't get up!"

Researchers at the “University of Michigan, and Terry Hartig, of  Uppsala University, have shown that nature experiences relieve mental fatigue.” Nature is filled with abundant content in sight, sound, color, smell, and sound which “offers intrinsic interest and a sense of fascination, which leads to renewed attention and positive affects of well-being.”

Your Five Senses

When your five senses are engaged, you are more likely to be mindful in the present moment. This awareness boosts sensitivity throughout your body, releasing endorphins.

Feel the cool crisp fall air on your cheeks, taste the blazing colors of yellow, orange, and red jewel tones bursting through the autumn leaves. Hear the squirrels scurrying through the ground foliage, and smell the soothing scents of the wild which refresh the depths of your soul. Breath deep, and experience the peace.

A Natural Mirror of YOU

There is good reason why your inner spirit feels at rest in the woods. Kaplan & Talbot found statistical evidence that, “exposure to external fundamental structures leads to greater contact with internal fundamental structures.” So if you want to discover more of your inner self, place yourself in natural outer surroundings which act as a mirror to ignite the process of self discovery.  

Soak in Nature

There’s even more good news. Merely focusing on photographs of nature can have similar results. “Studies showed those individuals who observed images of nature compared to urban scenes had an increase in overall well-being, as well.”  Placing images of nature in your office or home are more than mere aesthetics.


A Very Good Medicine

Nature is potent medicine. “One previous study showed that surgical patients with a view of trees required fewer painkillers than those looking at a brick wall.” And a Japanese study showed that, “a three-day exposure to nature increased the body’s natural “killer cells” by 50 percent.”

Wear Now

Feelings of awe and wonder help shift our focus from the “me” to “we” in search of universal connectedness. Ideas and insights into spiritual meaning are born and developed, with a sense of surprise and divine arrangement. Being part of something greater than oneself adds purpose and meaning to life.

So next time you feel mentally, emotionally, or physically exhausted, consider immersing yourself in the natural remedy outside your door.   More of the birds and bees, please.