“How could having a mentor be Magical to me?”

"Mentors Are For ALL Ages!"

We all want success, happiness, and prosperity in our personal and professional lives. We want, we want, we want. Yet, we often feel like there is no way to achieve the dream. As if we have tried every experiment under the sun, without the glimpse of triumph.

Do you really believe you have attempted every possible equation in this big bold world of billions?

As we get older, I think we often forget the wisdom of our childhood years. The inescapable thirst to know everything about anything, and the innocent acceptance that we can’t get their on our own power. We need help to reach the countertop, explanations of words too big for our minds to comprehend, and protection from getting in our own harms way. Shameless assistance constantly requested is a tireless enjoyment in the eyes of a child. “How else can I learn?”

Mentors are guides for adult living.

Traveling any unknown jungle can be a fear filled journey without a local guide and his machetti clearing the overgrown path in front of you. Why would you plan any trip without the assistance of a qualified expert familiar with the Touraine?

Who Can YOU Mentor Today?

Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel! Stubborn people deplete precious energy in a rocking chair of pride. Successful people humbly detach from a situation, and spend time finding assistance from a person who knows how to fly a plane to quickly and efficiently get where they want to go!

A mentor will shorten your learning curve, and increase your mathematical odds for outstanding success.

Your mentors experience, strength, and discernment, has perhaps taken years to accumulate through trial and error. This knowledge is priceless. How can you measure the value of time? How much time did it take your mentor to reap the reward sown in his/her life experience? This is now being handed on to you.

Spend time today writing down your top three goals, and researching people who have attained these goals gloriously. How did they talk? What questions did they ask? What books did they read? Where did they spend their time in the friends or company you could potentially meet?

Learn what you can from a mentor more wise than yourself. People perish from lack of knowledge, and the courage to ask the right questions. The more you give, the more you receive. Magic never looked so easy to believe.


We Need YOU!


How to End Self Sabotage – Successful Sabotage is the Key

Part of turning your upside down world right side up involves transforming those bad things in your life into great.

Your Successful Sabotage Drink!


Take “sabotage” for example.

Automatically associated with negative connotations, and undermining one for failure, we can replace this undesirable consequence into an attractive event by adding “successful” in front of the message.

What is successful sabotage?

What do you normally do in your day anyway? Brush your teeth, have a morning cup of coffee, work on your computer?

Strategically place positive messages in these unavoidable locations to guarantee positive mind vitamins will be delivered through your eyes, and into your soul.

For example-

I write a goal on a sticky note and post it to my bathroom mirror, so when I brush my teeth in the morning and evening, I inevitably read the message once again. Given enough time and repetition, I will have eventually reinforced the good thought strong inside my mind.

Where do you go everyday, what do you use, what do you do?  Don’t make this exercise more difficult than it has to be. Part of making this effort powerful, is making sure it is quick and easy for you to do.

You can complete this process with pictures, figurines, notes, or anything that serves as a catalyst towards all things good for you, and the success you dream to achieve. It does not matter what the sabotage catalyst is, what matter is the successful thought it consistently ignites within you.

Don’t look at the world, or yourself in it, the same way you have in the past. Believe anything bad can be transformed into a diamond you love.   Don’t give up 5 minutes before the miracle!

“Successful Sabotage” will help you turn anything upside down, right side up!


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PRAYER: Powerful Real Answers You Enjoy Regularly!

PRAYER: Powerful Real Answers You Enjoy Regularly!

So many people tell me, “Well Deb, I’ve tried everything else to solve this problem, I guess I should try to pray now.”

This is exactly the upside down thinking I’m talking about getting rid of!

Prayer From The Heart ;)


Prayer should not be the last resort, it should be the very first thing you do before anything else!

Ok – so you don’t understand how prayer works.

Well, you don’t understand how your television works, but you still channel surf on that. You don’t understand how your computer works, but you’re on the Internet right now, and not boycotting using that. And, you can’t build a car, but you have no problem getting into yours so you can arrive at your desired destination.  Am I right?

Do you see how hypocritical we can be when it comes to prayer? [Read more…]

Is Your Dream To Write Your Book This Year?

Woohoo! I did it!

Making dreams come true – makes you happy!This year, many people I have spoken with have commented, “Deb, congratulations on finally writing and publishing your book. I have always wanted to write a book too!”

Well, if you have the desire to do it, you have all the promise to make it happen. You can’t even have the desire to write your book, unless God put it in your heart to make it happen. And God never starts something he doesn’t plan to finish!

Lisa Tener is offering a great cost effective course to help you hold the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow.  Your book in print!

Here are all the details for you:

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You’ll hear inspiring stories of people transforming their lives with writing. You’ll get to explore how you might use writing to transform your career, business, health, relationships, spirituality or other aspect. And then…you’ll pick an area of your life and transform it through writing, then anchor the transformation by creating a mandala.

Lisa Tener
Author, Book Coach

Here’s to YOU bringing your dream book life! :)