Father to the Fatherless

He's Got the Whole World in His Hands


I had the great privilege and pleasure of interviewing Bruce Smith this morning, Pro Football Player and author of the best selling bookOur Father:  Father to the Fatherless.

Fathers Day

It’s a perfect time to reflect on your relationship with your dad.

  • How do you define the role of Father in the healthiest sense possible?
  • Was your dad physically present, emotionally available and spiritually supportive?
  • Did your father encourage, guide and discipline you to step into your greatness?
These were just a few of the questions we discussed in our time together.
Listen to the Recording with Bruce Smith Now - Click Here.

Bruce Smith

Bruce Smith by worldly standards had it all.  A successful pro football career, beautiful wife, great kids, top sales awards in his business, community service awards for his outstanding contributions to youth and ministry, the big home, Mercedes Benz, best vacations.  What could possibly be missing?

Abandoned by Dad
What Bruce Smith didn’t have was a father.  His dad left the family when he was only two years old, and subsequently his step-dad years later was abusive. Anger and bullying became a lifestyle.
Bruce shares numerous statistics of hostile youth, teen pregnancies, addictions, even facts from prison, and how most of these tragic circumstances can be traced back to the lack of a strong, supportive, loving father figure.
Our Father
Bruce talks about how each of us possess a deep need to connect and form meaningful relationships.  At our core desire, we will never be at peace until we can forgive the pain of the past, and trust in the hope of a good and loving heavenly Father, who can comfort and heal any broken heart.
Regardless of how good or bad you may perceive your father to be, the fact you are here makes his existence worthwhile.  You are worthwhile.
Click here to listen to the interview with Bruce Smith.
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