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radio news vintageI get a lot of pitches from people around the globe to be a guest on The Best People We Know Radio Show. While I am always humbled and grateful for the interest by each and every person who takes the time to contact me, not everyone who submits a request can become a featured guest.

With nearly 500 shows over the past few years, over 1 million global listeners, top rated in 21 different categories, this award winning podcast has been blessed with many amazing guests and listeners. From well-known celebrity fame names, to everyday hero’s, 

Hosting the show is a serious responsibility and privilege I don’t take lightly. It is a labor of love. Each show requires much research, significant time to set up and promote before, during, and after the interview ends.

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The Best People We Know Show!

I was recently asked by President of the PR firm, 2 Dream Productions (Michelle Colon-Johnson),
What do I look for in a guest? Do I have a research formula? How do I decide if someone gets to be on the show?

I admit, the first thing I notice is if the person addresses me by name and if they have actually listened to the show. After that, I will visit the person’s website, and routinely check some of the items noted below.

15 Point Routine Guest Check-List (in no particular order):

1) Do all the person’s social media links work on their website (I click them).
2) Does the person’s media page clearly include the “as seen on” or “featured in” information?
3) Does the guest have a good social media presence with fans/followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+?
4) Does the guest engage with their fans and followers or just spit out one way information?
5) Are their blog posts up to date or months or even years old?
6) Has the guest written a book with at least 7 reviews on Amazon?
7) Has the guest included a topic title with 7-10 questions to be discussed in the interview?
8) Has the guest proved to me they have listened to my show?
9) Does the guest address me by name or are they sending me a generic email request form?
10) Does the guest follow me on all of my social media?
11) What is the Klout and Kred score of the guest? (I check)
12) How is the guest going to promote the radio interview to their fans & followers?
13) What do the third party recommendations state about this potential guest?
14) Does the guest show appreciation in action (giver vs taker)?
15) Do they have clear feature benefit statements and resources which I trust will give value to my listeners?

If I can’t trust the person to be who they say they are, do what they say they will do, or deliver what they promise to offer, how can I expect my listeners to? Reputation can’t be returned.

I think it’s also important to mention that neither age nor fame is a guarantee of being a guest, or not being a guest on the show. One of the best pitches I ever received was from a high school student to discuss the message of her anti-bullying song “Don’t Let Them In.” Her humility and enthusiasm were shinning second to none.

Radio podcasts are a highly effective way for you to share your shine in a world that desperately needs worthwhile messages in business, and the business of living. I hope you found some of this information helpful.


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Website Design and SEO: Honest Answers with Gary Reichel

Honest SEO & Marketing Answers with Website Designer Gary Reichel

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Gary Reichel

How do you find a trustworthy, competent, creative, fun to work with website designer who knows the business, “gets” your message, and has the knowledge to maximize your SEO and marketing?

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Gary Reichel has been involved in the marketing and design industry for over 11 years. He has worked for promotional companies and print houses in the fields of: traditional and online marketing, graphic design, website design, search engine optimization and social media.

In 1998 Gary started designing promotional material a company he owned while living in Maui, Hawaii. As the business grew, Gary increasingly devoted time to the company’s marketing and design needs; and before long, Gary was hooked. The design side spoke directly to his creative personality, while at the same time, he became captivated by the tactics and strategies of marketing and branding.

Since those early days in Maui, Gary has worked for marketing and promotional companies in the print and internet industries. These positions gave him an opportunity to work on a variety of projects for both large and small businesses.

After years of working for others, in 2004, Gary opened Reichel Graphic Design and Website Design. Today, Reichel Graphic Design and Website Design has grow to include marketing and optimization services for clients across the country.

Visit his blog:  Design Thumb

Twitter:  @DesignThumb

LinkedIn:  Gary Reichel Design