A Simple Step for Infusing your life with a little bit of Magic

Guest Blog Post by Angela Lenhardt

angela imageI’ve always been fascinated with the classical fairy tale of Cinderella. Maybe it’s because as a 6th grader, I was chosen to play the lead role of being Cinderella in the school play; or perhaps it’s because I love the idea of enchanted castles and being swept away by prince charming. Regardless of whether or not these moments in time do come true— love, hope and happiness is the stuff dreams are made of.

Over the weekend, I decided to sit through the latest rendition of this magical tale. As I was being drawn into the life of a princess and the thought of never never land, I heard “this” inspiring message that moves beyond living happily ever after.

You see, when Cinderella was a young girl, her mother passed away. But prior to her death, she gave her daughter instructions on how to live her life. She said, 

WOW! Imagine that! Have courage and be kind—Powerful words for building a magical kingdom based upon grace.

Courage is a necessary virtue when staring directly into the eyes of fear or embarking on an unpredictable venture. The act of “being” courageous furthers your quest of internal exploration in gaining a deeper understanding of Self; and challenges you to heal unresolved hurts and move beyond limited perceptions with curiosity and an open-heart. Courage is the binding agent that fortifies your vision with optimism, while remaining diligent when doing the task at hand.

It takes courage to apply unwavering strength in rising above today’s obstacles and making a life change. It takes courage to be kind to people who may not have earned such a loving gesture. And it takes courage to stand up and speak your truth, while setting an example for those who seem to need it the most.

So, as your life candidly unfolds while traveling down your path in the pursuit of happiness—remember to demonstrate courage and to be kind. Deciding to BE BOLD when confronting your greatest challenge is a courageous action–hardly established by those with the faint of heart.

With the inner knowing that you are a spiritual being having a human (and charming) experience, it’s possible to walk in faith; roar with courage; and have the awareness that each encounter is a stepping stone for uncovering the gift of being your Highest self.

The choice is yours. Exemplify magnificence in every situation; and trust that anything is feasible when you BELIEVE in just a little bit of magic.


angelaAngela Lenhardt is a best-selling author and intuitive life coach helping people transform their lives.

Her book; A Charmed Journey; has been endorsed by Dr. Wayne Dyer who calls it “A marvel of a book. Readable and chock full of advice for living a spiritually aligned life.” – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

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