7 Sensational Gifts to Growing Ageless

I saw a great quote the other day, it read; “we don’t say trees are getting older, we say trees are growing.” I think it’s a good time for people to adopt the same mantra about themselves!

aging tree

What is age, anyway? Truth be told, I have never met anyone who really looked their age. People are either much older or younger than what I view them to be. I have come to accept age has nothing to do with maturity, and growth doesn’t have much to do with age.

What I have learned at this particular point in my life, is that there are common characteristics of people who seem to transcend time in a most happy and healthy way. These stellar individuals easily and authentically relate to a variety of people of many ages, colors or creeds. Men and women who help bring out the best in others’, inevitably bring about the best version of themselves in the process.

1. They are not motivated by what other people think.

When you care less about what other people’s opinion of you happens to be on any given day, there’s a lot more freeing energy available to discover and be your most authentic self.

2. They aren’t attached to results.

Motivation is a great indicator of spiritual maturity. Ageless souls are less concerned about attaining a specific result and more focused about doing the right thing for the right reason.

3. They forgive themselves and others more quickly.

Perhaps it’s a dose of reality or a piece of humble pie which helps ageless people forgive themselves and others more quickly, but letting go of resentments and regrets seems to go hand in hand.

4. They have Faith in a Divine Creator and Plan.

Regardless of any specific religious label or belief system, ageless people stay strong by knowing there is always a bigger picture connecting the small details of any given day. The all about “me” show is rapidly replaced with how “we” can help each other.

5. They are lifelong learners.

Ageless people are always learning something new, and admitting no matter how much they know, it’s never nearly enough.

6. They have a great sense of Humor.

Being able to laugh at oneself with someone else is a great therapy to staying young. Finding the irony in life, exercises the spirit in ways no drug could ever induce.

7. They spend a lot of time with children, old people and animals.

Perhaps it’s the smile of a small child which reminds us how we all started out with nothing, or the conversation with a grand-parent which forces us to accept we won’t leave with anything either, or that none of it even matters as experienced in the precious relationships we have with our pets. Whatever the reason, spending time with the very young, the very old, and animals in between, promises to put a little miracle grow in your life.

Aging is a privilege many don’t have the luxury of enjoying today.

When you replace judgement with gratitude, you will automatically view every age as a stage of grace which never competes with itself.

It’s all good.