Radical Self-Acceptance


Self Love

Radical Self-AcceptanceWhat is it and why do you need to do it?

Barbra White, founder of the “Accept Me As I Am” Healing Center, will take you on a gentle journey of healing, meditation and complete acceptance in this recent show segment.


“Through self-acceptance healing, Barbra uses intuitive guidance and universal principles to assist you to heal while increasing your level of self-understanding and consciousness.”

 “Self-acceptance ignites change and is the core of true healing.” ~ Barbra White
( From the Book:  Why Self Acceptance is so Powerful )

Barbra White

Barbra White

Barbra uses her 5 Spiritual Principles in teaching and working with her individual clients.

The Five Spiritual Principles

Reflecting the perennial wisdom of the ages, these principles are found at the heart of the world’s spiritual traditions. When embodied and integrated into our daily spiritual growth practice, they are a pathway to self-realization, and a conscious state of oneness with Spirit.

1.  God is an unconditionally loving God.
2.  God is love. God is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniactive.
3.  Every person is an individual expression of God.
4.  Every person is responsible for their own evolution.
5.  The universe is continually expanding.


Barbra White's Newest Book

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