Resisting Resistance

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Why do we always seem to resist the very thing we want most? What is up with that?

You Can Do It!

Resistance manifests itself in many ugly ways, none of them helpful towards creating a full life you can love.

Let’s look at three top ways resistance can manifest itself, and how to transform these obstacles into stepping stones.

1. Procrastination-

This is huge. We often resist our own greatness by procrastinating. It always seems the top of the refrigerator needs to dusted, the windows washed, or the car cleaned, right when you plan on attacking one of your top priorities. This sabotage against success keeps you hostage, blocking your most creative self from engaging the world.,

2. Addictions-

Addictions can also be a form of resistance in that they suffocate your true self with a person, place, or thing, instead of keeping the focus on what you really want. Recognizing this addiction is only counterfeit happiness, is key.

3. Busyness-

Ever said, “I just don’t have time for that?” This is really not true, because we all make time for the things we want to do, not necessarily what we need to do. Staying busy in a drama king/queen life, only masks what you authentically desire to be busy with. So how do you transform these forms of resistance into platforms which spring board you into valuable action/results? Here is a winning equation to write down, and post where you can see it regularly.

Awareness + Acceptance = Action

You must first be aware you are resisting something of your own free will. Once you are aware you are doing this to yourself, you can accept it is happening, and you want to stop the behavior. Once you accept it is your choice to resist, you understand it is also your choice to stop revisiting. This can lead to a new action. A new action which results in getting your desire accomplished.

Laughter is a great medicine of the mind without side effects.

When you catch yourself resisting, laugh at yourself and admit, “There I go again!” When you bring resistance out in the open, you remove any power it has over you.

Resistance can be a positive road sign to motivate you to a higher level of creative expression, success, and a transformation.  A sure seal your best self is on it’s way.  Name it and claim it!

Don't Give Up 5 Minutes Before The Miracle!

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