The Assassination Procrastination Project

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If you are anything like me,you have battled the destructive disease of procrastination.   

A deadly ill indeed, this dream killer is often associated with false feeding demons of doubt. It is the worst kind of self-sabotage known to any imaginative mind, and begs an antibiotic which successfully solves the symptoms of delaying your delightful destiny.“Procrastination is the kidnapper of souls and the recruiting-officer of hell.” ~ Edward Irving

Stop the Insanity!

Do you suffer symptoms of procrastination?

  1.  I’m just waiting for the perfect time to start.
  2. I hate doing this, I’ll just wait until tomorrow.
  3. I just don’t know where to begin, I am feeling so stressed and overwhelmed.
  4. This is just beyond my ability to ever finish.
  5. If I can’t do it perfectly, it isn’t worth doing.

If you answered yes to any of these, and have decided there is a better way to live your life, read on.

Take your procrastination medicine.

You don’t need Mary Popins to tell you, “A little bit of sugar helps the medicine go down,” so here’s three terrific tips to sweeten your motivation to end procrastination.

  1. Feel the Fruit of Finishing:
    Enter the classroom of silence. Visualize the result of continuing to procrastinate on your target issue. How do you feel? Invigorated or depleted? Energized or empty? Now, visualize finishing your task at hand. How does your head and heart feel now? Do you feel lighter, brighter and more happy? Thinking and feeling the result of your two choices – to procrastinate or not to procrastinate – is a quick and easy way to identify what choice to choose.
  2. Keep your Image of Completion Front and Center:
    A picture is worth a thousand words, and finding an image of the feeling you experienced in your visualization of completing your task at hand, is key. A magazine photo, card, or stick figure will do, just make sure it consistently ignites the positive feeling you want to achieve. Strategically place this picture in places you will see throughout your day, and trust the process to unfold. You can read more about this effort I call ‘successful sabotage’ by clicking here.
  3. Spiral Down the Solution into Small Successes:
    Don’t get stuck in the over-thinking it muck. What are the small things you need to accomplish to achieve the big thing? Break it down, and then break it down into smaller more manageable efforts again. Don’t be attached or overly concerned with your main goal, simply focus on the success of completing the small task at hand in this present moment. Do each step well along the way, and before you know it, the entire journey will be complete!

Celebrate the Baby Steps You Take Along the Way!

Ultimately, you have to love yourself enough to know you are worth the effort! The world needs you, and getting things done which helps you be your best, can have a domino effect to help others be their best too.

If you plant only ‘If’s” and “someday’s” in your garden of life today, don’t be surprised when “nothing” is all that grows tomorrow. Planting seeds of “completion” today,  confidently guarantees you will inevitably grow a happy future of sunshine smiles in all your tomorrows.

“You may delay, but time will not.” ~Benjamin Franklin

Deb Scott, BA, CPC
Deb is Author of the 2 x National Award Winning Book The Sky is Green and The Grass is Blue – turning your upside down world right side up!, a Certified Professional Coach at Discover the Amazing YOU! Coaching, and host of the hit new Best People We Know Show! On Blog Talk Radio. Self Help Radio.
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