Positive & Negative People – Are You Good Garnish?

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Gotta’ love it!

That little jazz-of-pizzazz which delights the dish, sparkles the eyes with a surprise, and magnifies the meal in a moment. Yes, good garnish makes any ordinary dish extraordinarily spectacular in every possible way!

Good Garnish Makes the Dish!

Garnish - defined by Websters Dictionary is “to decorate (food) with something that adds color or flavor.”

This past week I was doing a radio show with host of the “Hatched Egg”, Amy Furbee, and we were talking about the issue of becoming who we associate with. Surrounding yourself with positive or negative people, definitely has an effect on YOU, whether you want it to or not.

Stand next to perfume or manure long enough,
and guess how you’ll soon be smelling?!

Suddenly, Amy interjected,

“It’s like my husband and I always say – Is that person Good Garnish?”

Are YOU Good Garnish?

WOW! I love that analogy – because it resonates truth beyond compare.

The people you chose to associate with, are either good garnish in a true blue right side up world, or distasteful wilted garnish in a green sky upside down world. You must decide what you will allow by your side.

A little bit of garnish, possess a powerful impact on what the whole plate looks like. Think about how just a little piece of something, makes such an enormous difference on the larger portion. Doesn’t the concept make you pause and reflect?

Next time you feel agitated around someone, or perhaps just a little confused, ask yourself, “Is this person”Good Garnish”in my life?”

You may decide you need a different ornament decorating your sustenance. If you’re plate is already full, adding even the smallest sour flavor could be a major killer tipping point which destroys your whole meal.

Who is Good or Bad garnish in your life today? Are you Good Garnish for the people you meet?

You are what you eat. Bon appetite… and Cheers!

Bon Appetite & Cheers!

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  • Cynthia Bazin

    Awesome article Deb! I love the analogy you give. Of course I am sharing this everywhere my friend!

  • greensky

    Hi Amy!
    I am so GRATEFUL to have been a guest on your show! You are helping so many people get rid of stress, anxiety, panic – helping people feel so much better!
    Love your website and fb fan page at the Hatched Egg:)
    continued blessings to you and your peeps,

  • http://www.thehatchedegg.com Amy Furbee


    Thanks for being my “Good Garnish”! We loved having you on this week. Thanks for sharing such wonderful ideas with our Peeps.

    We are all working hard on turning our Green Sky Blue!!

    All the best,
    Amy Furbee
    Break Free from Anxiety and Panic