Ponzi Scheme -Overcoming Feelings Of Hopelessness

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Overcoming Feelings Of Hopelessness

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Recently reality came crashing into my life.  I was a victim of a Ponzi Scheme that has turned my world upside down. Similar to the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme, only the villain behind my story is the, Victim Millenium Bank United Trust of Switzerland, who like Bernard Madoff made promises of high returns without ever investing any money.  When I was struck with the news that I was one of the 375 victims to this white collar crime, I suddenly found the lessons from my recently completed book, “The Sky Is Green and The Grass Is Blue“, resonating with new meaning and empowerment.

What I had written to help others, was now helping me overcome the most devastating financial event to ever hit my life. I’m not just talking about a problem, but something that is life changing. Something that held me still, ingraining a feeling that will be forever burned into my mind.

Overcoming Adversity

When I was finally able to take a moment, I picked up my book and started to read. WOW,  the words came to life. My new motivational book, “The Sky is Green and The Grass Is Blue – turning your upside down world right side up.” were ringing with new meaning, bringing clarity to what really mattered when nothing seemed to make sense.

From my book I realize, “…this too shall pass,” but the pain that Victim Millenium Bank United Trust of Switzerland has caused me cuts to the bone. What I thought was a safe and secure CD, I’ve come to realize was not. Instead, I invested my parents hard earned money that they had been saving from blood, sweat and tears, into a scheme. To whom? An evil that contaminates our culture without regulation or conscience; effecting me, my loved ones and thousands of others.

So for you or someone you may know who is victim to a ponzi scheme, what can you do to turn this upside down disease in our society to a positive?

  1. Forgive yourself – you did your research the best you could – you are not alone. Even Harvard was taken by Madoff.
  2. Band together with others in the situation. There is solace and strength in numbers. Call, write, stay in touch. Band together with a good lawyer if need be to consider all options for justice.
  3. Count the many blessings you still have left. Your health, your family, your faith. Money is not the most valuable gift in this life and you won’t take any of it into heaven with you.
  4. What can I learn from this? I know for me – learning to not be naive is huge. Sometimes, those of us who are kind hearted block out the fact others are not the same. Con artist are real. We need to sharpen our discernment and reflect on those 20/20 hindsight signs God gave us so we can learn, mature, grow.
  5. Volunteer. There is no better remedy for getting out of your depression than helping someone else less fortunate than you. Find a soup kitchen, elderly home to visit, local hospital, help any neighbor in need no matter how small it may seem.
  6. Pray. Pray for yourself and the other victims to have the strength, courage, and hope to move forward one day, one hour, one moment at a time. This is all we ever really have anyway.
  7. This too shall pass. Remember, right now this tragedy seems like it will never end, and no good can come out of this problem. Remember a time in your life when all hope seemed lost, and how you are now grateful for the outcome days, months, or years later. Like any death, be gentle in knowing pain takes time to heal and wounds need time to create something stronger.

Live and experience the present moment with new active zeal. Enjoy more fully the smile of a child, hug of loved one, kind words of a friend, wagging tail from your dog. We only are promised this present anyway..

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  • Stevie B

    Easier said than done.
    Tried #2 & #3 … helps but only temporary.
    #6 hasnt helped yet.
    This one here seems to help me forget, even if for a short while, it’s worth it: “Enjoy more fully the smile of a child”.

  • a

    Everyone’s looking for William Wise, but the owner of the Millenium Bank was the owner of United Trust of Switzerland.
    You’ll find Mr. Healy living comfortably in Akwesasne.
    On an Indian reservation where his books are safe from the federal government.