Motion Magic!

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Does “getting there” sometimes seem impossible? A dream just a grasp too far to reach?

Maybe you want to: Boost your confidence; Get rid of depression; Manage healthier boundaries; Overcome Fear; Live happier.

One way you can always overcome the struggle is to get into motion. Why?

YOU Keep On Going!

Once you put the action ahead of the feeling, you will begin to create momentum towards whatever the goal is you seek.

Think of a car. When you are stopped in park, it is nearly impossible to turn the steering wheel and move the tires in any direction.

But, if you start the engine and begin to move the car down the highway, you are easily able to move the steering wheel and subsequently the tires, with the twist of your wrist!

Did the car change? Did you change? No. What did change?

The car was put into motion with you in it. The key ingredient which changed the equation was “motion.”

How can you apply this to your life towards attaining success in it? Get into motion towards your goal.

Write down on a piece of paper what the end result of the goal is. Not just what it is, but what it does for you that is an ultimate greater good.

For example; maybe you want to overcome your fear of speaking in front of a group so you can deliver your message better.  This in turn helps your audience understand more effectively, which in turn assists them in their implementation of the message. This is your purest ultimate goal.

If you had already achieved this goal,  who would you be associating with? What would you be talking about? When and where would you be doing these things?

Now you can write down what getting into motion would look and feel like, and begin by doing.

Perhaps your first motion is to speak in front of the mirror to yourself.  Then it may be speaking in front of a friend.  You may also want to watch a video of a speaker teaching you how to speak clearly and effectively.  You might sprinkle successful sabotage notes to yourself around your house, to keep the motion flowing.

Whatever it is, begin to get into motion doing it, and detach from the result.

Focus on staying in motion for a pre-determined time every day, and allow the process to unfold.

Motion is your  magic potion, and it tastes oooohhh so good! 

Bon appetite!

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  • Sumner M. Davenport

    Hi Deb,

    Great Post.
    So many people get stuck before taking action. By your sharing this simple step of seeing the end result both in terms of what you get and what others get, may add motivation to someone who is stuck.

    Wishing you awesome and continuing success,