Celebrity Interview – Montel Williams and Deb Scott

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Man of Power and Women of Power!

Montel Williams and Deb Scott are interviewed by Award Winning Radio Host, Raven Blair Davis.

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Award Winning CNN and CBS Radio Host: Raven Blair Davis - “The Talk Show Maven” combines two unstoppable people of power in this amazing rare interview to inspire, motivate, and emPOWER you to be unstoppable.

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Award winning Talk Show Host Montel Williams speaks to Raven from the heart and shares a chilling experience he had 10 years ago when he “thought” he was having a heart attack. You’ll also hear Montel speak about the effect MS has on his body. The importance of not taking life for granted, Montel talks about the day he got fired over the telephone and how he was forced to take control of the situation and create a new opportunity for himself and shares why we should to start paying attention (focus) to our physical and psychological well being …..starting today!

Listen as Raven gets up close and personal with Life Coach and Award Winning Author, Deb Scott.  How Deb overcame the battles you may have experienced too.  Sexual Abuse, others’ alcoholism, family dysfunction, depression, an abusive relationship, care taking to death, and financial devastation.  Find out why you are only as sick as your secrets, and how the most difficult challenge you battle today can actually be a springboard to your most cherished celebration in your tomorrow.

This is a must listen to life changing combination of how to use your deep pain and turn it into positive productive power!

Listen NOW- Good Change is about to happen!

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