Why the Law of Attraction might not Be Working for You

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I am the first one to agree your thoughts create your feelings, which then creates your actions, which subsequently builds the reality of your life. To that end, your thoughts can and do create your world.

But what happens when the law of attraction doesn’t seem to be working for you? What happens when you feel like you are doing all the right things, but you end up with all the wrong results. What then?

It deeply saddens me to see anyone beat themselves up for supposedly doing the ‘law of attraction’ wrong. Precisely when the person feels most down about a circumstance in life, the bulldozer of despair dumps a double dose of self-incriminating negativity.

“Why isn’t the law of attraction working for ME?”

Consider you are not doing anything wrong at all. Consider the equation is wrong. 2+ 3 will never equal 4, no matter how much you visualize and wish it to be true.

Could it be where the law of attraction ends where a little common sense needs to begin?

Would you think for one moment Rosa Parks needed to contemplate what the universe was trying to teach her to accept as she walked to the back of the bus because she was black, day in and day out, every day of her life? Would you for one second think that a Jewish victim at Auschwitz needed to contemplate what he/she was doing to attract being rolled into the incinerator to be burned alive? Do really believe the victims who had their limbs blown off in the Boston Marathon Bombing subconsciously put out a frequency with THAT on their Law of Attraction menu? Of course not!

The missing ingredient is thisgood and evil exists, and each person has free will to bring one or the other into the physical world we each live within. Good produces more good, and bad produces more bad. We are each planting seeds first in the garden of our own life, which then scatters more of the same into the lives of others around us.

Each thing in and of itself may not be good, but together they can produce good.

I recently discussed this notion with Cheryl Maloney on Empower Radio (click here to listen). Consider the thought of eating tablespoons of salt, a cup of sugar or raw eggs individually. Pucker up! It does not sound very good to me! Why? Because on their own it’s not. But, stir them all together with some flour, put the mixture in the oven, and viola’, you have angel food cake. Angel food cake is very good.

My point is this, certain things on their own are not always good, and never will be good. No amount of visualization is going to change that. What you can change is to see beyond the individual bad event, and extrapolate the present bad into the potential good result once it is wrapped with a new element of thought, action, belief, event, person, place or thing.

Life is not the all about “me” show, it’s the all about “we” show.

Consider your unfair boss is not the universe or God telling you to reflect and work through a possible childhood issue with an authority figure. Consider your boss needs to learn a lesson to be a fair boss, and you need to step out in courage to bring this to light, and in doing so you will have saved hundreds of other workers unjust treatment.

When the “I” becomes a “we” focus, even illness is transformed into wellness.

So next time you want to beat yourself up for not doing the law of attraction correctly to grab hold of the perfect life you have visualized in your on demand dream board, consider this: You didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, you may be doing something very right.




Deb Scott, BA, CPC   is a four-time award winning author of The Sky is Green and The Grass is Blue,” and a top rated radio host of The Best People We Know Show” which was a third place finalist in the 2012 Shorty Awards for best podcaster. Deb spent twenty years as a cardiovascular surgical specialist, winning numerous awards for outstanding sales and leadership skills. In her personal life, Deb has battled sexual abuse, others’ alcoholism, dysfunctional relationships, was the sole caregiver to both her parents who fought cancer to their death, and even experienced financial devastation. Today, Deb helps people turn things around in their business, or the business of living, with the discovery of the amazing you.


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  • dan menard

    Dear Nathalie–This is a very interesting comment. I really can’t find much that I disagree with except -such negative experiences , if you will , are a brutal way to learn and grow.

  • http://www.donnellannbell.com Donnell

    Your blogs always speak to me, Deb, probably because you write them with so much love, the law of attraction AND common sense. Thank you.

  • http://www.marianhobson.com Marian Hobson


    There is a phrase that goes with what you are saying “Let Go and Let God”.
    Sometimes the result we are visualizing must take a “reconstruction” process.
    All who desire to grow in this life must be willing to have the “painful” moments that will stretch us!


  • http://www.donnellannbell.com Donnell

    What a fantastic blog. Especially When we replace “I” with “We” Insightful as always, Deb.

  • http://peacefulpeople.co.uk John Jenkinson

    As the article says there is good and evil, but do our egos have the ability to know the difference?

  • http://www.healthybeauty.me Michelle Rogers

    Thanks so much for posting this article, Deb. A wonderful message. I really needed to hear this!

  • http://cheryschmidt.ws/financial-education/start-living-the-good-life/ Chery Schmidt

    Hi Deb!
    Great article on why the law of attraction does not work! I love this statement “We are each planting seeds first in the garden of our own life, which then scatters more of the same into the lives of others around us.” This is a great way to explain things. Thanks for sharing.. Chery :))-

  • http://www.thoughtbrick.com Clare

    Fantastic straightforward advice — sometimes you hear people being quite blunt and almost aggressive when the law of attraction is concerned, saying that everyone is in the situation they’re in purely because of their thoughts. But outside influences are always there — it’s how you respond to them that counts.

  • http://NathalieEkobo.com Nathalie Ekobo

    Excellent Article , Deb. Thanks. AND, I’d like to add a twist though…. WHAT IF there is no “good” or “bad”…
    What if ALL is just an “experience.” We may perceive it as “bad” because we mean “Highly unpleasant, traumatic, devastating” — but what if it was an experience we choose to master “forgiveness” or any other quality the soul would choose to ‘work on’ or ‘play with’, and life changing experience we really needed… and chose?!

    At the soul level we do create contracts with one another; why not create a contract to be injured during the Boston marathon… for the experience of it. Not because we like “bad” things, but because we need contrast to develop new qualities and uplift ourselves and the world at large.

    From that belief of soul contracts, we come up empowered and free to choose, and the “sky” is indeed the limit. — Just a thought!

  • http://anniemcmahon.net Annie McMahon

    Thank you! This is exactly what I needed to hear.

  • http://storytellermatt.com Matthew Krause

    We may be the star of our own movie, but we are background players in a larger movie.

  • http://www.SharonBallantine.com Coach and Mentor Sharon

    The universal law of attraction is always at work–just as the law of gravity is. Most of us understand that because of the law of gravity, if we desire to fly we must do more than jump off a building. This doesn’t mean the law is “out to get us” or is working against us.

    Things happen in our lives–sometimes out of our control because of group consciousness. We may not be able to immediately prevent these things, but we can certainly determine how we will react to them. When we decide to react in a “positive” way, look for the good in the situation, or turn it around, then we will attract more positive circumstances into our lives.

    LOA does not promise our lives will never have bumps along the way, it just gives us a way to minimize the bumps and enjoy the ride.

  • http://worldswithwords.wordpress.com Angelo

    This is an interesting post. I too believe the Law of Attraction has grander purposes than just whether we individuals want a new car, a better job. Too often we as individuals become so wrapped up in our own plight that we miss the issues of others around us who exist in worse conditions and circumstances. I think some of your examples (Rosa Parks, Auschwitz and Boston bombing) confused me, because I don’t think anyone sane believes or considers “these people brought this on themselves” through their vibrations. But you hit the nail on the head: good and evil exist, and the people around us can bring forth that evil. We must always be cognizant of that. Good post!

  • http://www.karenwyattmd.com Karen Wyatt

    Love this Deb! Excellent post. You offer a perfectly balanced perspective on the Law of Attraction.

  • http://attractionmarketingbiz.com Carl Ramallo

    Hi Deb,

    Real nice post. People really need to get deep down into how to apply the LOA in their lives.
    Please enjoy one of my articles on the subject.

  • http://www.chasing-joy.com Chasing Joy

    Great points. Sometimes bad things just happen because evil does exist in the world. Not everything has a larger bigger meaning.

  • http://sallygreen.info Sally

    Love this, had to share. — Thanks –

  • http://projectblissful.com Angela Atkinson

    I think you said it all when you said: “Good and evil exists, and each person has free will to bring one or the other into the physical world we each live within. Good produces more good, and bad produces more bad. We are each planting seeds first in the garden of our own life, which then scatters more of the same into the lives of others around us.”

    I absolutely agree–and I LOVE the way you described it. Well done!

  • http://www.youtube.com/lisajeydavis Lisa Jey Davis

    GREAT post Deb…. and so vital for everyone to understand…. It’s definitely a mindset – right?

  • http://www.losebellyfatberipped.info Rose

    Hi Deb, I love this article. It certainly struck a very personal chord with me. Although I haven’t lost faith in practicing the laws of attraction – some days I have to wonder am I doing something wrong? And “how much longer” before more of the good stuff begins flowing into my life. Again… thanks for helping me to keep the faith.

  • http://CarlaJGardiner.com Carla J Gardiner

    Excellent points. I’ve often wondered why my results differ from others…now, I understand the formula. Thanks for an excellent article outlining the law of attraction equation.