Is Your Dream To Write Your Book This Year?

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Woohoo! I did it!

Making dreams come true – makes you happy!This year, many people I have spoken with have commented, “Deb, congratulations on finally writing and publishing your book. I have always wanted to write a book too!”

Well, if you have the desire to do it, you have all the promise to make it happen. You can’t even have the desire to write your book, unless God put it in your heart to make it happen. And God never starts something he doesn’t plan to finish!

Lisa Tener is offering a great cost effective course to help you hold the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow.  Your book in print!

Here are all the details for you:

Express Yourself in Writing And Transform Your Life at All That Matters.
401 782 2126

Sunday, January 24, 2010
1:00 – 4:00 pm

Ready to transform an area of your life?

· Gain awareness.

· Explore writing as a tool for transformation.

· Make a shift.

You’ll hear inspiring stories of people transforming their lives with writing. You’ll get to explore how you might use writing to transform your career, business, health, relationships, spirituality or other aspect. And then…you’ll pick an area of your life and transform it through writing, then anchor the transformation by creating a mandala.

Lisa Tener
Author, Book Coach

Here’s to YOU bringing your dream book life! :)


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  • greensky

    Anyone who attends has a big, bold, beautiful gift coming their way – making that dream come true!!:)

  • Lisa Tener

    Thanks for mentioning my class Deb. The class this Sunday is a fun one. We’ll do some writing and playfully transform an area of one’s life. So, it can be about your book, career, or any area of your life you want to shift. I do also have a book writing program, which is more extensive than Sunday’s class, and I am happy to offer a discount to friends of Deb for that! Just let me know if you found out about it through Deb.