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Do you want answers to your questions 24/7? I do. So where are they all hiding?!

Touching Your Inpiration

Your answers are powerfully packaged in your constant colorful companion, more commonly known as: Inspiration. Inspiration is that faithful friend tirelessly revealing your inner life purpose, a compass towards releasing your most powerful magnificence.

Inspiration helps you discern the efforts you should move towards, and away from, every moment of your day. How do you notice the messages your inspiration is speaking to YOU? Inspiration is often a loud “Ah Ah” moment, when you know that you know, but can’t explain why. But it is frequently a quiet presence, which speaks in random expressions through spiritual comfort and peace, in the people, places, and things you greet.

Since you are designed completely unique, the message you need to share is equally as unique as your very own face. For example, you may share your brilliance with the people you meet through your writing, or your canvas painting, or your teaching at school, your parenting, business, or your music.

 There is no right or wrong to inspiration, except ignoring it!

Inspiration is like a radio station. It is always broadcasting the message you need to hear, but you need to turn into the clear frequency to hear what it is telling you. Unlike hair or eye color, everyone carries inspiration in their DNA. It is what makes us human. Seeds will grow when nourished properly, and your inspiration will manifest in the same way.

Headlights only allow you to see a few feet ahead. Cooperate with your inspiration the way you do the headlight on your car. Accept inspiration may show up in a small or large vista of clarity. Your work is to follow the inspiration, not judge the end result of where it is leading you.

Take comfort, be steadfast, keep hope. The answers you desire are not so far away. Inspiration is faithful interior introduction to the best version of yourself, the one you most passionately seek to meet!

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