Heart – What is Your Heart Telling You?

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What is your heart telling you?

Your Heart Speaks!

You’ve heard it before. Doctors tell you to maintain a “healthy heart” to keep a healthy body. Your relationship has gone sour, and you talk to your family and friends about your “broken heart.” Therapist speak of your “heavy heart” catalyzing depression, and exercise trainers emphasize you won’t achieve your targeted weight until you perform aerobic exercise at your “target heart rate.” Even the Bible tells us to “guard your heart with the closest custody, for in it are the sources of your life.” Yes indeed, the heart is the universal symbol that speaks love in any language.

It would appear, the answers you most desire in your head, can only be discovered through the spiritual journey into your heart.

Heart Ache can be one of sadness or joy, but make no mistake, it can never be ignored. When you feel that tug in your heart – know in your head it’s a powerful prompt and call for you to take some immediate action.

If you have recently loss a loved one, you know what heartache does to your entire body in the grieving process. The sadness seems to embed itself into each blood cell pumping throughout your veins. Be gentle with yourself, for this is your call to heartfelt peace.

I <3 You

The freshness of a new found love will wrap your heart in an ache of euphoria -to the point you can’t think of anything else but your beloved.
Your mind will wander into daydreams of pleasant reminders with the one you love, automatically recycling the happiness of unending blissful joy.. Yes, your love ache can quickly become an addiction which sweeps you down the aisle of “I do – until death do us part.”

When you pray or meditate, you can only experience transformation through prayer from the heart. You must experience the words you speak, the affirmations you visualize, in order to generate any success in your ultimate transformation. Words are just empty vessels without value, if you don’t pour authenticity into the equation.

To be truly alive requires a functioning heart. You can’t take a breath without your heart. Your heart is the center of your being, the ultimate indicator of being human. Your heart is the greatest gift you can ever give to another, and the most powerful motivator in achieving your dream.

As you focus on tangible ways to improve the clinical health of your heart, don’t forget to incorporate creative ways to hear the messages your heart beats to speak to you.

Beauty & PeaceA heart filled with love and forgiveness is a medicine without any side effects, and a reliable cure for challenges even the blind can clearly see.

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