How Bamboo Taught Me to Be Happy – 3 Things it Can Teach You Too

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Lessons from Bamboo

I believe all of nature speaks loudly the lessons we most need to know, but the unique attributes of beautiful Bamboo resonate especially clear the life lessons we most need to hear to live a happy life.

Widely know as a symbol of good luck, a Bamboo plant with “three stalks is considered good for happiness, five for health, two for love, eight for wealth, nine stalks for overall goodness and prosperity in the owner’s life.”

Not so widely known is the fact Bamboo is one of the strongest and fastest growing plants on Earth. Bamboo is used in a wide variety of venues such as; food, medicine, construction, paper, fabric, furniture and even music.

Want to get solutions to your problems? Be like Bamboo and live a happy life. Here’s why…


1. Be Open to Be Strong

Don’t let the hollow tubing in Bamboo deceive you. What you think may appear weak, is actually strong. The open cylinders characteristic of bamboo are solid vehicles to transport water in irrigation systems, surviving tough winters and the hottest of summers.

To receive a new of thinking, being, and doing, we have to be open to receive like the hollow channels characteristic in bamboo.

Only when we are open to receive, can we be a channel to transport wisdom, knowledge and love. In the the openness of bamboo, there is also strength.

2. Be Flexible in Storms

Bamboo is often the only thing left in tact even after the highest winds of a typhoon. The tall stalks move with the wind, not against it.

The bamboo trunk will sway and bend with the wind, while its roots remain firmly rooted in the ground. It bends, but does not break.

When storms come towards you in life, and they always will, lean with the process, not against it. “What can I learn from this problem, discomfort or difficultly?” There is always something good which can come out of something bad if we stay firmly rooted in the solid values which give purpose to our unique existence.

3. Be an Instrument of Healing

While the Bamboo flute is known to make some of the most lovely music, it is rarely recognized for its medicinal properties in healing the ills of the body or mind.

Bamboo as a medicine “is especially used for the disorder of hot phlegm that coats or obstructs the “orifices of the heart,” affecting the brain functions. Thus, it is used for epilepsy, fainting and loss of consciousness in feverish diseases, and a variety of mental disorders.”

Unsuspecting, Bamboo is a source for successful solutions to a wide variety of problems and needs. There is no part of the Bamboo which is wasted, it is all good.

“The bamboo in its simplicity expresses its usefulness. Man should do the same.” Aikido master Kensho Furuya

Deb Scott, BA, CPC
Deb is Author of the 2 x National Award Winning Book The Sky is Green and The Grass is Blue – turning your upside down world right side up!, a Certified Professional Coach at Discover the Amazing YOU! Coaching, and host of the hit new Best People We Know Show! On Blog Talk Radio. Self Help Radio.


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  • Bonnie Snyder

    Beautiful! Nature has so much to share with how the universe and life works.

  • Angel

    Good article! I liked the allegory. Great parallels and lessons I intend to apply.

  • Jessica H@Cariloha bamboo clothing

    “To receive a new of thinking, being, and doing, we have to be open to receive like the hollow channels characteristic in bamboo”
    I Love this! Bamboo has changed my life in so many ways. I completely agree with your life lessons – besides, life is what we make of it, right? Also, the healing properties of Bamboo are undeniable. I would be interested in hearing more of your personal experiences with bamboo.
    Thanks for this post –


  • Cindy

    Hi Deb,

    I loved this and how cool to apply Bamboo to our own life. Nature always gives unto us many great lessons! <3

  • greensky

    What a wonderful comment Rachel!
    I LOVE this information which I did not know about the roots growing for years. WOW! Powerful metaphor ;)
    You’re wonderful.
    Stay blessed in every way.

  • Rachel Lavern

    Thanks for sharing these facts about bamboo.

    I also like to compare bamboo with our personal growth because I often encounter people who do not really give themselves a chance to success. They want things to happen overnight. Bamboo takes approximately three years to grow underground first. You cannot even see it and suddenly, in a matter of only six weeks, it shoots out of the earth. That is why they call it a bamboo “shoot”.
    It may take three months or even three years, but for those people for whom it has taken three years to achieve, they have now shot up the way bamboo grows.

    Rachel Lavern
    Personal Transformation, Enlightenment and Development Coach
    “Live without limits because nothing is impossible to you.”