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Deb Scott

About the Author:  Deb Scott, BA, CPC Best Selling & Four time Award Winning author of, The Sky is Green & the Grass is Blue (a Kindle Top 5 Best Seller!), Award Winning & Top Rated best Podcaster of, The Best People We Know Show, with over 1 million global listeners, and a Top 1% Kred Social Media Influencer. Deb spent twenty years as a cardiovascular surgical specialist, winning numerous awards for outstanding sales and leadership skills.  In her personal life, Deb battled sexual abuse, others’ alcoholism, dysfunctional relationships, depression, was the sole caregiver to both her parents who fought cancer to their death, and even experienced financial devastation.  Today, Deb helps people turn things around in their business, or the business of living, with the discovery of the Amazing You.  You’re a Gift ~ Unwrap Yourself.  Visit


Lynn Serafinn

LYNN SERAFINN, MAED, CPCC is listed as one of the top-20 marketing authors on Twitter by Social Media Magazine.  Lynn is a certified, award-winning coach, teacher, marketer, social media expert, speaker and number one best selling author of  The “7 Graces of Marketing: How to Heal Humanity and the Planet by Changing the Way we Sell” and “Tweep-e-licious! 158 Twitter Tips: Strategies for Writers, Social Entrepreneurs & Changemakers Who Want to Market their Business Ethically.”

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Cari Murphy

CARI MURPHY; President and CEO of Empowerment Coaching Solutions is an international best selling author, award winning syndicated media host of the Cari Murphy Show, and regular seminar presenter helping individuals unleash their greatest potential.  Cari combines her 18 years of practical experience in counseling psychology, a transformative near death experience, and years of  outstanding success in business into her Souls Success Coaching programs.
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Shawne Duperon

SHAWNE DUPERON; Six-time EMMY® Award winning Media Coach Shawne Duperon has been in the TV business for nearly 20 years. You’ve seen her on CNN, CBS’ “The Early Show”  featured in “Inc. Magazine,” “USA Today,” and “The Washington Post,”  Shawne has interviewed Presidents, to Hollywood Actors.  Founder of the global movement Project: Forgive,  Shawne has taught thousands how to communicate as leaders working with corporations, entrepreneurs, universities and government agencies around the world.

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Cynthia Bazin

CYNTHIA BAZIN:  Founder and President of SmartChic Coaching & Consulting.  Smart Chic is  premier mentoring service for women.  Featured on the cover of  “Today’s Innovative Woman Magazine,” Cynthia’s passion and expertise is assisting women to transform their lives to have authentic success and happiness to move forward.  Her customized life strategy plans have helped women around the globe discover and release their one-of-a-kind shine!

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Dr. Ben Michaelis

DR. BEN MICHAELIS; clinical psychologist, a visiting scholar at Columbia University, speaker, and bestselling author of, “Your Next Big Thing,” brings his passion for creativity to his treatment approach in working with people from diverse populations. He is co-founder of the Downtown Clinicians Collective, one of New York City’s largest networking organizations for mental health professionals. Dr. Michaelis a regular contributor to The Huffington Post,, featured in Redbook Magazine, Entertainment Weekly,and The New York Times, and NBC’s Today Show.

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Debra Oakland

DEBRA OAKLAND: Founder of Living in Courage – A Spiritual Oasis For Overcoming Life’s Biggest Challenges. Debra understands people’s pain.  Within 5 years, Debra lost her 21 year old son, her baby girl in the 8th month of pregnancy, both brothers to AIDS and her father to prostate cancer. Debra is a frequent media guest and featured speaker teaching the world  her “The Seven Reel Concept of Courageous Change.”

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Dr. Alex Concorde

DR. ALEX CONCORDE, BSc(Hons) MBBS PhD MSc(FPsych) MBA FCM: Founder of the Crux-Mind-Body System, she is considered  The HUMAN Doctor’™ for creating new paradigms connecting: Mind; Health; Psychology; Business. Awarded the British Innovators in Science & Medicine, ‘Top 50′ ‘Wellbeing Gurus, Health Practitioner of the Year, featured in London’s Sunday Times, ‘Future’ Magazine,  ‘Style’ Magazine and Evening Standard.  Dr. Alex believe each person has their own personal brand of genius and helps people around the globe step into their greatness.

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Cheryl Maloney

CHERYL L. MALONEY:, Founder & Editor of Simple Steps for Real Change Magazine and Radio, #1 Best Selling Author of Simple Steps for Real Life, and a Facebook Community of over 450K strong, Cheryl created Simple Steps Real Change out of her own need for simple strategies during a major life transition.  A safe harbor where beliefs are respected and inspiration is shared, Resilient Life Coach Cheryl Maloney wants you to know you are never alone.

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Christina Daves

CHRISTINA DAVES: is an award-winning inventor and best selling author who founded PR for Anyone. With no resources to promote her business, CastMedic Designs, no experience in PR and no contacts in the industry she ended up appearing in over 50 media outlets  in her first year of business including; Steve Harvey and Dr. Oz to local affiliates of NBC, CBS, FOX, and the CW, to national publications like Parenting, All You, and the Washington Post.

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Sue Ingebreston

SUE INGEBRESTON; Founder of Rebuilding Wellness, is the #1 best selling book FibroWHYalgia, detailing her personal journey from illness to wellness. Sue is a certified holistic health care practitioner, and the director of program development for the Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Center at California State University, Fullerton. She is a Fibromyalgia Editor for, as well as a Patient Advocate and the Fibromyalgia Expert for the Alliance Health community of health conditions website.

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Emmanuel Dagher

EMMANUEL DAGHER: #1 International Best Selling Author of  “Easy Breezy Miracle.”  Emmanuel serves as an  Expansion Catalyst, Transformation Specialist, Intuitive & Humanitarian. With a background in Spiritual Psychology combined with his natural intuitive abilities & numerous advanced certifications in holistic and alternative healing therapies, Emmanuel has helped world diplomats, visionaries and thousands of individuals from all backgrounds around the globe heal and create real life miracles.

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Michele Rosenthal

MICHELE ROSENTHAL, CPC, NLP, CHt; founder of Heal My PTSD, is a faculty member of the Clinical Development Institute; Timberland Knolls, on the advisory board of Hope 4 PTSD Vets, the St. Clair Butterfly Foundation and international talk show host of, Changing Direction.  Michele’s work has been featured in the, Ladies Home Journal,  Dennis Miller,  The Palm Beach Post and NBC.  Her award winning memoir, “Before the World Intruded” is an Amazon bestseller.

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Dr. Jo Anne White

DR. JO ANNE WHITE:  “The Success Doc”  Host of POWER Your Life Radio & Television Shows, Dr. Jo Anne is a Certified Professional Coach, Business Consultant and Energy Master Teacher who holds both Masters & a Doctoral degrees. Her therapeutic approach integrates mind, body and spirit to facilitate balance, success and wellness.  Dr. Jo Anne has been featured on CNN, WebMD, Good Housekeeping and Woman’s World.

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Judy O'Beirn

JUDY O’BEIRN:  President of  Hasmark Services, Judy and her team have helped hundreds of authors become New York Times, National and International Best Sellers, placing Heart And Soul into their MARKeting services  for each client.  Founder of Unwavering Strength, more than just  a book,  it’s a new community and international movement.   Real-life stories of courage, strength and hope provide the foundation and ability for each of us  to overcome  any adversity and discover this unwavering strength truly lives within.

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Lori Campbell

LORI CAMPBELL:  Founder of Age Potential and #1 Best Selling Author of  “Awaken Your Age Potential – Exploring Paths of Thrivers.”  Lori is an expert Gerontologist and Aging Advocate with a vision for each of us to live beyond stereotypes, socialization and fear of  chronological aging,  to live healthy, purposeful lives at every stage and every age of our lifespan.  Become part of the new movement to debunk old myths, reframe limiting beliefs, and get a new vision of your unlimited age potential.

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Mary Winkenwerder

MARY WINKENWERDER:   Founder, CEO: Ultimate Skincare & Beaute Report WebTV and blog, reaching 2+ Million. Mary’s work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Brink, Glam Freak and GLADYS Magazine.. Mary combines her experience as a professional runway make up artist and retail marketing/management skills to serve people from all walks of life with cutting-edge information they can trust.
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Lauren Miller

founder of Stress Solutions University,  is a world-renowned stress-relief expert, NLP and EFT Practioner, as well as being a multiple award-winning international bestselling author/speaker She has been featured in Redbook, Ladies Home Journal, and Family Circle and on CNBC, MSNBC, Lifetime, and The Discovery Channel. Boasting 18 years of intensive extended education in the areas of anxiety relief and stress reduction.  A breast cancer survivor herself,  Lauren is passionaite about volunteering with homeless and cancer charities.

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Dr. Melonie Greenberg

MELANIE GREENBERG, PhD: Clinical Psychologist specializing in Cognitive-Behavioral, Integrative (Mind-Body) and Emotion-Focused approaches, is a leader in the field of Clinical Health Psychology.  A founding faculty member of the Clinical Health Psychology track Doctoral program at the California School of Professional Psychology in San Diego, she has served on the Editorial Boards of Health Psychology and the Annals of Behavioral Medicine.  Dr. Greenberg is a featured expert in; Psychology Today, Good and the APA Monitor.  Treating the effects of stress on mind, body, spirit, and relationships, Dr. Melanie believes no matter how low you feel, there is always room for recovery and growth.

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Dr. Nancy Mramor

DR NANCY MRAMOR: Founder of Real Conscious Living and RX  TV, is a licensed clinical, media and health psychologist, specializing in radio, TV, technology and print as they impact you and your health. An expert speaker, featured at  The American Psychological Association, The International Health Psychology Association and The International Behavioral Medicine Association An award winning author, she has been featured in CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, Fox, MSN Reader’s Digest, Woman’s World, Prevention, NBC Website and many more.

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Angela Lenhardt

ANGELA LENHARDT ; Expert intuitive, channel and spiritual coach has traveled China and Thialand to study Feng Shui, yoga, nutrition, Qigong, Reiki, meditation and Thai Massage.   Angela specializes in helping her clients increase their flow of abundance, health, love, and harmony. Radio host of “Ask Intuitive Angela,” speaker and work shop leader, her book, A Charmed Journey, has been endorsed by the internationally acclaimed Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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Ellen Violette

:  “The e-Book Coach,” best-selling and award-winning author.  E llen is known for her no-hype get-results attitude and her highly-acclaimed ground-breaking programs to help authors, entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, independent professionals, consultants, and coaches,as well as anyone with a creative background write quick and profitable ebooks and ebook writing, digital publishing and online business coach.

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Ande Lyons, MBA

ANDE LYONDS, MBA; Founder of  Possibility Partners, Ande is an enthusiastic and experienced entrepreneur with an MBA and four successful businesses to her credit.  At Possibility Partners, she provides small business owners, entrpreneurs and senior level business owners innovative strategies and solutions to launching, branding and building their business into reality.  She hosts a popular radio tv show and has over 1 million viewers to her Google+ Hangouts on Air weekly broadcasts.

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Melonie Dodaro

 Founder of Top Dog Social Media, #1 Best Selling Author of “The LinkedIn Code”, know internationally as Canada’s #1 LinkedIn expert.  Top Dog Social Media is a social media agency that helps brands, businesses, professionals and sales teams use social media marketing and social selling to boost their visibility, attract new customers and increase their revenue.  Melonie has been a featured expert in the Social Media Examiner, Social Media Today,  Canadian Business Journal and the Wall Street Journal.

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Bonnie Taub-Dix

BONNIE TAUB-DIX, MA,RD,CDN: Director and Owner of BTD Nutrition Consultants, LLC, best selling author, with offices on Long Island and in New York City.  Bonnie has received Media Excellence Award by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  Her ground breaking work has been featured on CNN, CBS Early Show, ABC’s Good Morning America, TODAY Show, Anderson Cooper 360, New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Everyday with Rachel Ray, Health, Vogue, Shape, Fitness, Readers Digest and Weight Watchers.

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Lori Lite

LORI LITE:  Founder of Stress Free Kids, Lori’s award winning books, CDs, and curriculums are considered a resource for parents, psychologists,therapists, child life specialists,and teachers She has been interviewed and written articles for ABC Radio; CBS News; USA Today; Web MD; Stress Free Living; Mind, Body, and Soul; and Evolve. She has been featured in Prevention Magazine, Parent Guide New York, Atlanta Parent Magazine, and Aspiring Woman and recently appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank.

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Marci Fair

MARCI FAIR: Founder of the national non-profit Kares4Kids serving over 15,000 children in need, , best selling author of TILT; 7 Solutions to be a Guilt-Free working Mom, and best in business entrepreneur award ranking top in the United States.  Marci has been featured on 30 Second Mom, Working Moms Against Guilt,  S.P.L.A.S.H Parenting and many more.

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Zna Trainer

ZNA TRAINER:  Founder of O2 Breakthough, Zna has helped Olympic athletes, professional athletes, and every day people like you and me to perform and function at optimum levels of health and wellness.   As an expert trained and certified in exercise physiology and the nutritional sciences, Zna’s system results in increased metabolism, safe weight loss, better muscle mass, renewed energy levels and improved over all self-esteem.

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Irene Becker

IRENE BECKER:  Founder of; Just Coach It, her 3Q Leadership™ Blog has  been awarded service in excellence as Best 21st Century Leadership Resource,   Top 100 Employee Engagement Experts Online, and Top 75 Human Business Champion. Working with individuals, executives and corporations, her keynotes teach and train how using the 3Q Edge can help you Re-Charge, Re-foucs and Re-power your business and life.

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