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Deb Scott’s Coaching Package is valued at $125.00 -BUT for a very limited time, it is FREE.
20 Minutes of FREE Coaching include:

  • Techniques Toward Achievement and Success!
  • How You Can Discover Joy and Happiness From Within!
  • Growth by an objective perspective and learning how to effectively challenge yourself!
  • Three 30 Minute, One On One Coaching With Certified Professional Coach, Deb Scott.

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“Deb was recently a guest on my Entrepreneurial Moment AM Talk Radio show in Kansas City and she blew the audience away. In addition, I read her book and I could not put it down! Few people have Deb’s outlook on life and even fewer have the ability to get others to see things in a such a positive way.
If you are looking for a mentor, a coach,or heck, even a new BFF, look no further than Deb Scott! But be prepared for an energy that will leave you a changed person. I know she changed me.”Brian Sullivan, CSP, NSA Top 1% Award Winner, Precise Selling and International Leadership Speaker

“The unexamined life is not worth living” (Socrates)

The Discovery Coaching Package is a Gift to Yourself.

No shame in learning from others – Olympic gold medalist need coaches – the best surgeons can’t do surgery on themselves.

Deb is the Coach 4 You if you want a Certified Coach you can-

  • Trust with high integrity.
  • Expertise to listen, understand, engaging in unlocking your vision.
  • Honestly identify your talents, gifts, and strengths.
  • Creatively and effectively design a success system which is effective and fun to implement.
  • Enthusiastically respects and sincerely cares about you.

What you and Deb can work toward:

  • Focus on results
  • Identify and clarify goals
  • Motivate with a clear action plan
  • Improve self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Adjust your perspective to have a bigger vision
  • Be held accountable and Be a Healing Communicator
  • Manage stress and remain engaged in important issues
  • Create and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Develop and implement organizational and time management skills

“Deb is a real professional, and commits to give only the best to her clients. She genuinely cares about providing tangible value to her audience and her very exciting radio show confirms this. Deb is humble and approachable, with a genuine heart to create an ‘Amazing You!’ She is an amazing woman with positive energy, enthusiasm and a genuine desire to help people attain their life goals. You go Deb!!!”Tom O’Neil; Professional Goal Coach,Speaker, Contributing Author; What Color is Your Parachute
USA, UK, Germany, Israel, South Africa, Brazil, South Korea, Hong Kong and New Zealand
“Deb has an amazing ability to take any situation, experience or belief and re-frame it into a positive, amazing perspective. This ability allows people to see themselves differently, which opens up the opportunity for change – a pre-requisite for people who want to truly step into their power! Thank you for all that you do Deb – you totally ROCK!!!”

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