How to End Self Sabotage – Successful Sabotage is the Key

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Part of turning your upside down world right side up involves transforming those bad things in your life into great.

Your Successful Sabotage Drink!


Take “sabotage” for example.

Automatically associated with negative connotations, and undermining one for failure, we can replace this undesirable consequence into an attractive event by adding “successful” in front of the message.

What is successful sabotage?

What do you normally do in your day anyway? Brush your teeth, have a morning cup of coffee, work on your computer?

Strategically place positive messages in these unavoidable locations to guarantee positive mind vitamins will be delivered through your eyes, and into your soul.

For example-

I write a goal on a sticky note and post it to my bathroom mirror, so when I brush my teeth in the morning and evening, I inevitably read the message once again. Given enough time and repetition, I will have eventually reinforced the good thought strong inside my mind.

Where do you go everyday, what do you use, what do you do?  Don’t make this exercise more difficult than it has to be. Part of making this effort powerful, is making sure it is quick and easy for you to do.

You can complete this process with pictures, figurines, notes, or anything that serves as a catalyst towards all things good for you, and the success you dream to achieve. It does not matter what the sabotage catalyst is, what matter is the successful thought it consistently ignites within you.

Don’t look at the world, or yourself in it, the same way you have in the past. Believe anything bad can be transformed into a diamond you love.   Don’t give up 5 minutes before the miracle!

“Successful Sabotage” will help you turn anything upside down, right side up!


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