Eliminate Fatigue the Natural Way

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Do you feel more fatigued in recent days?

It could be due to the reduction in daylight hours as we enter the winter season, or as obvious as the upcoming issues often associated with holiday stress. No matter the cause, there is a natural way to fight fatigue, for free.

"I've fallen and I can't get up!"

Researchers at the “University of Michigan, and Terry Hartig, of  Uppsala University, have shown that nature experiences relieve mental fatigue.” Nature is filled with abundant content in sight, sound, color, smell, and sound which “offers intrinsic interest and a sense of fascination, which leads to renewed attention and positive affects of well-being.”

Your Five Senses

When your five senses are engaged, you are more likely to be mindful in the present moment. This awareness boosts sensitivity throughout your body, releasing endorphins.

Feel the cool crisp fall air on your cheeks, taste the blazing colors of yellow, orange, and red jewel tones bursting through the autumn leaves. Hear the squirrels scurrying through the ground foliage, and smell the soothing scents of the wild which refresh the depths of your soul. Breath deep, and experience the peace.

A Natural Mirror of YOU

There is good reason why your inner spirit feels at rest in the woods. Kaplan & Talbot found statistical evidence that, “exposure to external fundamental structures leads to greater contact with internal fundamental structures.” So if you want to discover more of your inner self, place yourself in natural outer surroundings which act as a mirror to ignite the process of self discovery.  

Soak in Nature

There’s even more good news. Merely focusing on photographs of nature can have similar results. “Studies showed those individuals who observed images of nature compared to urban scenes had an increase in overall well-being, as well.”  Placing images of nature in your office or home are more than mere aesthetics.


A Very Good Medicine

Nature is potent medicine. “One previous study showed that surgical patients with a view of trees required fewer painkillers than those looking at a brick wall.” And a Japanese study showed that, “a three-day exposure to nature increased the body’s natural “killer cells” by 50 percent.”

Wear Now

Feelings of awe and wonder help shift our focus from the “me” to “we” in search of universal connectedness. Ideas and insights into spiritual meaning are born and developed, with a sense of surprise and divine arrangement. Being part of something greater than oneself adds purpose and meaning to life.

So next time you feel mentally, emotionally, or physically exhausted, consider immersing yourself in the natural remedy outside your door.   More of the birds and bees, please.

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