Detox Your Mind!

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Detox Your Mind – Why and How Now

You may have heard of Recovery Rehabilitation Centers to detoxify your body from addictive drugs, or Medical Centers which provide everything from colon to kidney cleanses for your body, but have you considered the possibility of priceless benefits by detoxifying your mind of negative thoughts?Yes! It’s possible for you to do! Read on how…

Your Mind is Alive!

Negative thoughts are alive. You may not be able to touch them in a boxed package, but each one generates an electrical impulse which develops an imprint in your mind which produces an emotion. These emotions either make you feel happy, or unhappy. It’s a simple as that.

You many not be able to control when negative thoughts enter your brain, but you absolutely have the power to open the door and invite them in to stay, or shut the door and tell them good riddance goodbye.

Like any illness, when diagnosed early, recovery of a good prognosis statistically increases. The same is true for you to feel better. Dump the junk of negative thoughts as soon as they sweep your mind, and block the negative feelings that come with them. How?

Take Positive Mind Vitamins Daily

The most effective way to get rid of a negative thought is to acknowledge it exists.Face it head on. It may seem upside down and un-natural that in order to remove the thought, you must literally embrace it, but nothing could be more right side up true!

You’re only as sick as your secrets, and bringing the thought into the light of awareness is like taking a vicious vampire into the power of the sun,
automatically burns the evil away in the brightness of the day.

Dr. Carolyn Leaf has done extensive scientific research on the physical changes toxic thoughts create in your body. “The chemicals that accompany those toxic thoughts course through your body in a myriad of toxic chain reactions. These toxic thoughts can even look distorted compared to healthy thoughts – chemicals released can change the shape and even destroy part of the neurons, causing change right down to the cellular level.” Imagine that, right down to your cellar level!

->Thoughts -> <-Feelings -> <-Behavior<-

The most effective way to detoxify your mind is to embrace your negative thought,
and let it go as fast as you can.

Remember, your feelings aren’t facts, so be sure to challenge each one. Critique how much power you give each thought. Is it a truth, illusion, or just a habit you have formed based on prior experiences?

Replace and transform old norms with
new dreams you seek to achieve.

Surround yourself in positive transformation tools. Seek out the people, places, and things which help you grow a strong healthy mind, able to withstand the storms of negative winds.

Take your positive mind vitamins daily. Detoxify your thoughts and cleanse the fear. Dare to Discover the Amazing Happy YOU!

Deb Scott, BA, CPC  is Author of the THREE TIME Award Winning Motivational Book How to Be Happy: Simple Steps to Stop Suffering Now.

“The Sky is Green and The Grass is Blue – turning your upside down world right side up!”
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  • Michelle Santagate

    “You’re only as sick as your secrets, and bringing the thought into the light of awareness is like taking a vicious vampire into the power of the sun,
    automatically burns the evil away in the brightness of the day.” – You ;)
    Yes Yes YES! 100% ! Ursula Le Guin wrote a fantasy book called The Wizard of Earth Sea, but it was so much more then fantasy. It was philosophy and poetry woven together masterfully. She describes the shadow creature, the protagonist’s arch enemy, as something belonging wholly to him. When he runs from it it grows stronger. When he allows it to control him it does harm to others. When he confronts and embraces it, it disappears. Our shadows are important parts of us. We all have places inside ourselves we’d rather not share with the world, but we must acknowledge and embrace them ourselves if we are ever to do anything positive with them or for them. The are important for us because the measure us and balance us. It’s in confronting them that we find the depths of our courage and faith. Once we find those I believe the world is ours.

  • greensky

    thank you Dawn!
    yes – dumping the junk is an absolute must:)
    thank you for sharing your positive energy!
    smiles and blessings,

  • Dawn Abraham


    Great article! I love the title it really says it all. Every body needs to detox their mind at least once a month. Keep up the great work.

  • greensky

    hi tim!
    thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and say hello! that’s great :)
    glad you liked the post – simple is usually the most powerful path, isn’t it terrific?!
    sharing is caring.

  • Timothy Kendrick

    This is so incredible and simple. I have re-posted it to My FaceBook friends.