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Studies show people who hire coaches significantly improve their ability to
“enhance goal attainment, well-being, and can reduce stress, anxiety and depression.” (Anthony Grant, Ph,D)

What is Call in Coaching with Deb?
Call in Coaching is an opportunity for you to get free Coaching on Key Life Issues which matter to you most, in a safe, supportive and friendly environment from the comfort of your own home. Just sign up in the tab above, and you’ll be given a toll free 800 number and access code to join the coaching call. You’ll be given an opportunity to send in via email your questions to Deb, or ask your personal question live at the end of the call!

What is the Format of the Free Call in Coaching?
You will be provided a free 800 number to call with a call in access code to join the call live via email the day before, and the day of the call.

Is there a limit to how many Call in Coaching events I can attend?
There is no limit to how many Call in Coaching events you can attend, they are all free. If you decide you want more support in achieving your goal for a topic discussed, as a Call in Coaching guest, you will be given a 25% discount for one-on-one custom coaching support.

How to deal with difficult relationships that cause stress and drama in your life.

    • Do you have a Drama “King” or “Queen” in your life?
    • Do you have a friend, family member, or co-worker who is always in a crisis?
    • Are YOU ready to protect yourself from the poison the drama king creates in your life?

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“If you are considering attending Deb Scott’s Tele-Seminar, consider no more! You will not be disappointed in the level of energy and content that Deb will share with you to help you get through tough times. You can’t teach this kind of information unless you have been there, and Deb Scott is in your corner. I highly recommend her class to you and all your friends. I like to say ‘Successful people DO what unsuccessful people WON’T DO’ which one are you?” Daniel Guitierrez: President PRIMER World Transformational Author, Leader & Speaker DG Enterprises
“Deb has an amazing ability to take any situation, experience or belief and re-frame it into a positive, amazing perspective. This ability allows people to see themselves differently, which opens up the opportunity for change – a pre-requisite for people who want to truly step into their power! Thank you for all that you do Deb – you totally ROCK!!!”