The Sky Is Green and The Grass Is Blue – turning your upside down world right side up!

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The New Motivational Book – How To Be Happy


Deb Scott

The Sky Is Green and The Grass Is Blue ~ turning your upside down world right side up! This book offers fresh new ideas to TRANSFORM anything bad into something great.  If you have something in your life that you hate, the good news is you also hold the reciprocal transformation potential to create a diamond you love!

This book is for anyone who wants to be happy or has perhaps tried a number of other ways to be happy and are seeking something more.

Tell me more about this new motivational, spiritual, self-help book?

  • Who is it for?
  • Why should I read it?
  • How is it different?
  • How will it help me be truly happy in a lasting way?

How To Be Happy 24/7?

The Sky Is Green and The Grass Is Blue, is more than just a motivatonal book. You don’t know what you don’t know!  Turning an upside down green sky into true blue is possible with these unexpected tools.  Fresh ideas that may surprise you where to find and how to transform anything bad into something great.  Doesn’t that sound great?

You’re worth it!


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  • greensky

    lisa tener-

    queen expert on…you are too funny!

    YOU are THE inspiration…i’m just in your fan club.

    a few more weeks and here i come, God willing!

    thank you for all the encouragement, hope, and inspiration in living action.

    many continued blessings for all you do.


  • LIsa Tener

    You are an inspiration. Having read The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue in an earlier incarnation, I can’t wait to dive into the final copy! When can I get my hands on it? How can I order dozens of copies for my friends? Please, tell us more. Don’t tease us like this!

  • IncosyMoMlync

    Hi, Congratulations to the site owner for this marvelous work you’ve done. It has lots of useful and interesting data.

  • greensky

    Thank you Nancy!

    Humbling to read such a comment from one as successful as yourself both personally and professionally – Mz.. !

    We all help each other…

    Shining Smiles,

  • Nancy Knettell

    Blessings to you Deb for your wisdom to show us all the way to truly live our life in grace and joy!

    Big hug,
    Nancy K.

  • greensky

    ms. sonya,

    WOW! I think YOU need to write a book!

    great wisdom, thanks for sharing with us.


  • Sonya Pelletier

    “After much thought, and reflection upon my own life experience,
    I’ve come to conclude, the only inheritance we are “Totally” in control of are the intangible values we have witnessed, honor and hold to. The meaning, influence, and significant impression we allow them to have upon our lives, how we choose to live, and with those whom we share it with is also within our control.
    There’s only one you, and you are amazing! Only you can tell your story in your words, the truth of the matter becomes evident in each our own.”

    -Sonya Pelletier