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What are Readers Saying about… The Sky is Green & The Grass is Blue?

“If you want to meet the most powerful and amazing person you will ever know, let Deborah Scott introduce you to YOU! Within the pages of this book Deborah offers her first hand advice to gently and effectively guide you, including easy exercises which can assist you, in turning your challenges into celebrations.”

Sumner M. Davenport; Results Coach, Bounce-Back Expert;
Best Selling Author; The “G” spot, The ecstasy of life through GRATITUDE.

SELF-HELP DAILY:  Winner Top 100 Inspirational Blogs!
“Wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone!”
There were so many things I loved about this book – from the author’s infectious positive and fun-to-read style to the catchy title – a title that starts the reader off on a journey to discover what the author has in mind..
I’d categorize this book under the following categories:
  • Spiritual
  • Self Help
  • Self Improvement
  • Inspirational
  • Motivational
  • Recovery
  • A Book that Makes You Glad to Be Alive!
That last category?  Just made it up – Just for this book.
When I finish reading a book, I ask myself what my initial opinion of the book is.  After the standard, “Like it, love it, or eh -so-so,” I always have a few summarizing thoughts about the book, the author, or the way the book left me feeling.  After reading The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue: Turning your upside down world right side up!  I thought the following:
This book was like a walk through an inspirational and spiritual garden.  There were so many lovely thoughts, quotes, stories, and illustrations along the way – just like beautiful flowers along a garden’s path.  I kept stopping to pick one and could see one just ahead – from the first page of the book to the last.
I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. I promise that you’ll find plenty of beautiful flowers to cut and enjoy along the garden’s path.  Buy The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue: Turning your upside down world right side up! on Amazon today.
SELF-HELP DAILY:  Joi Tania Sigers; Prestigious Winner: Top 100 Inspirational Blogs!
“The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue is the perfect gift for anyone in your life who is suffering and looking for resources to create happiness. Deb Scott takes readers on an inspiring journey through many self-help tools available today, including some surprising ideason where you can find the most happiness.”Lisa Tener; National Book Writing Coach, Speaker, Published Author

Deb Scott has provided a fresh perspective to an well-plowed field: empowerment. With wit, humor and extremely well-chosen quotes, she takes the reader through the tools needed to take control of their own life and find joy in doing so. “The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue” is as clear and easy-to-follow as a 12-step program, but a lot more fun!    Buy this book…you will love it!

Sandy Weaver; Radio & Television Personality at Sandy Weaver Country

BARNES & NOBLE.COM ~ All 5 Star Ratings!

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“Needing an escape from an unusually tough day?  Personally, I decided it was time to read “The Sky is Green and The Grass is Blue” - nothing could have been more appropriate. If you ever wondered if there is something wrong with you because you think differently, or you currently have a challenge or just need some insight or new ideas for how to approach current problems, then you will want to read this book. It’s an easy read, thoughtful, offers surprising openness regarding Deb’s own life challenges and tremendous resources to help you move in a better direction. I very much enjoyed the inspirational quotes too!

Elinor Stutz; CEO; Smooth Sale, LLC


I’m someone who rarely reads “Self-Help” books. I’m fortunate -I guess. I don’t have any major issues. My childhood was wonderful and my family is great. So why did I buy, “The Sky is Green AND The Grass Is Blue. Turning Your Upside Down World Right Side Up!”? The answer, it came down to my commitment of wanting to make the most out of life. To learn everything about myself. To Grow. Stay inspired. And I’m glad I did!

Complements to the author, Deb Scott. “The Sky Is Green AND The Grass Is Blue”, is easy to read, insightful and a thoughtful book. I believe there is something in it for everyone, from the well adjusted to the downtrodden. Deb Scott has candidly shared a part of her life in hopes of improving the lives of others. And she achieved just that. Bravo.

If you are considering a self-help book -or any book- I believe, “The Sky Is Green and The Grass Is Blue” will motivate and inspire a change in your life. I sure did mine. Enjoy!

Gary Reichell; SEO & Website Design at Design Thumb, Inc.


“Deb Scott’s “The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue” provides a quirky, upbeat path to transforming your life. Whether you’re a creative spirit or a businessperson, “The Sky is Green” offers insights into happiness from which all can benefit.”

Fern Reiss, Director, The International Association of Writers, Speakers, and Experts


AMAZON.COM ~ A Gem of a Book! 5 Stars

“Do you have problems in your life? Does it feel like your world is upside down? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you will definitely want to read, The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue.Author and motivational consultant, Deb Scott, is no stranger to hardship. With extraordinary openess, she shares things that have helped her overcome her difficulties and have turned her upside down world right side up.

The tone of the book is very conversational. The reader almost feels as if he or she is sitting down with Deb, having a cup of coffee, and talking with her. The book is full of stories and quotes and analogies from everyday life that beautifully illustrate her points. She offers helpful advice that includes praying, 12 step programs (not just for alcoholics), tips for finding and determining if you have a “good” therapist, volunteering, and valuable resources (online and media) that can be used to help readers find blue skies and green grass. Another helpful tool that Ms. Scott includes is written exercises. Found throughout the book, these exercises are intended to help readers do some critical thinking and self-evaluation so that they can find themselves on the path to happiness.

The Sky is Green and The Grass is Blue is positive encouragement for people who feel that life is pulling them down. If your sky is green , and your grass is blue, then read this book. You won’t be disappointed!” 

Sherry Ellis; Award Winning Childrens Author;
Award Winning Musician.






“You don’t know, what you don’t know !” Simple? Yes. Easy to accept? No ! Deb Scott’s premise that “You don’t know, what you don’t know,” is the basis for transforming negatives into positives. It is the foundation for her book, The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue teaches readers to reverse their thinking; to turn all of life’s negativity into a positive, happy life. Starting at the beginning she convinces readers that help is just a step away. First and foremost you must open your mind and open your heart. Prayer is encouraged. The author suggests that “going it alone” does not work. The book recommends several well-qualified organizations, at no cost to the member, that can help. The next step would be professional therapists and coaches and media tools, all practically listed and suggested. Numerous stories and anecdotes are included to make her point and provide entertainment.
Well organized, humorous, entertaining and yet, very in depth sensible advice, this book will be a great help to many people in conquering their fears and their past.”

Highly Recommended
Shirley Roe; All Books Review


“Deb Scott’s book entitled: The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue provides profound techniques and tools for happiness, healing and hope which empowers her audience to look into their soul for the freedom and peace for a more rewarding life.”

Sonya Swinton;  National Host; Internet Celebrity Magazine ,Radio & TV



A Review by Dr. Patrick A. O’Dougherty, out of the F. Scott Fitzgerald community of St. Paul, MN


“Encouragement.  Deb Scott should be encouraged.  I come from a family of counselors.  My mother, Patricia O’Dougherty, was a social worker on the charging team in Minneapolis.  She worked with the women’s prison, alcoholics, and the Indian mothers.  My father, James O’Dougherty, was an attorney who specialized in counseling.  I have a counselor who specializes in counseling writers.  I first sought counseling because I did not want to fall through the cracks in life.  I am evaluating Deb Scott’s book not as a professional but as a consumer.  Motivation. Motivation is one of the hardest topics to write about because it is very difficult to judge motivation.  Actions speak louder than words.

Writing a motivational book is quite an ambitious undertaking.  Deb Scott maintains motivation should lead to action.  This book review is an action, a defining point an outcome from reading the book.  The strength of Deb Scott’s book is it is filled with prayers and profundities. It has exercises and a plan, focus and positive advice. It has religious themes without being preachy or proselytizing.  I went to Washburn High School in Minneapolis.   Dwayne Dwyer replicated the miracles of St. Francis of Assisi on the stage with the audience.  I don’t think my high school physics teacher at Washburn, Mr. Requeway, could do this.  Deb Scott is a replicable miracle. The kingdom of God is within.  It is within you.  It is within Deb Scott.

Ironically, I made a teaching film which uses a similar exercise to the one Deb Scott does.  My exercise is to spell your name with dots between the letters and then turn the letters of your name into a poem with another person’s name and then connect the dots and poems.  Service.  Get out of yourself is another profound piece of advice from Deb Scott.   Surround yourself with motivational tapes, meditation and positive reinforcement.  Advice I have found useful is to make a roadmap of your life and chart it.  Gratitude.  Count your blessings.  Deb Scott’s advice, profundities and ironies are grace notes for new prescriptions in your life. I hope this review makes you feel new.  Your book renewed my interest in your field. You want to change people’s thinking and lead them to do good.   It is difficult to judge motivation.  So, I won’t judge Deb Scott, rather accept.   Brilliant!”

Dr. Patrick A. O’Dougherty, Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA
Winner of the Prestigious International Library of Poetry’s Editor’s Choice Award ; Namara Alumni Carlson Heritage Wall Author at the University of Minnesota; F. Scott Fitzgerald Community, More Here…

“I’ve had the joy and honor of getting to know Deb Scott through my radio show. Her energy is uplifting and her spirit inspiring. I learn something new about life, transformation and motivation every time we speak. I highly recommend her book, The Sky Is Green and the Grass is Blue and her coaching services to all. She is a master of sharing vivid stories that transform life.”

Tamara Kleinberg- Founder: Imaginibbles  

“Useful, Uplifting, Practical!” This book is very inspirational and yet practical. It is full of clear help on how to combat persistent negative thinking and includes a motivational narrative about the help of 12-Step programs, prayer, professional guidance and volunteering. The motivation supplied by the text is augmented by helpful exercises.  … especially useful and uplifting.”

The Recovery Guide Network -Books We Recommend 

“Have you ever found a self help book that you felt was written just for you? They is how I felt with every word of Deb Scott’s book The Sky Is Green And The Grass Is Blue, Turning your upside down world right side up!”

“With each chapter Deb Scott had me rethinking many aspects of my life. Some of the chapters start out with questions and end with exercises for you to answer pertaining to your life. I really liked this feature because I felt that it put many of my current situations in retrospect. I was quickly able to take a look at my answers and see some thing’s that I need to change or revamp in my life.”

Deb Scott has a talent in making you think and helping you to take the steps you need in the right direction. Even if you did not realize there was a problem she helps you to pull things out of your subconscious that you may not have realized was there.”

I love this book and have not been able to put it down since I first picked it up! I am reading it through a second time to make sure I did not miss a single word!”


Krista  Whisner ; Owner of Heavenly Savings,
Blogger and Wife and Proud Mom

 None of us is spared from pain, heartache, disappointment, or occasional bouts with depression throughout the course of our lives – but just because we get down doesn’t mean we have to stay down…

Such is the central message of The Sky Is Green And The Grass Is Blue, the powerfully inspiring new offering from author Deb Scott. Chronicling her own personal battles in overcoming depression, sexual abuse, religious doubts, and the tragic death of her mother, Scott provides readers with a host of helpful techniques they can employ to take on similar challenges in their own lives. Including everything from prayer to customized 12-step programs to volunteering your time in service to a worthy cause, The Sky Is Green features a wide range of practices designed to promote happier, healthier lifestyles. Further bolstering Scott’s comprehensive self-help manual are a series of written exercises specifically geared towards encouraging the reader to reflect on the particular areas of their lives that can be modified – or completely eliminated – in order to foster the elusive internal peace we all seek, but rarely find.

We are all plagued with everyday problems that affect our spiritual, emotional, and mental health, but the key to success lies not in trying to eliminate them – but rather thriving in the face of them. In light of that fact, The Sky Is Green And The Grass Is Blue is an invaluable tool to wresting control of our lives away from the storms that threaten to dampen our enjoyment of them. A thoroughly uplifting, highly recommended read.

Dominique Sessons; Apex Reviews

“I have just finished reading Deb Scott’s book “The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue: Turning your upside down world right side up!” I have been a self-help book junkie for years and thought I had read it all. But, after reading Deb’s book I realized I had much more to learn. Sometimes we all get stuck in life with circumstances beyond our control and don’t know where to turn. We truly don’t know what we don’t know. Deb’s wonderful book is a clear roadmap of what the issues you may be dealing with are, and what steps you can take to do about getting out from under them. And it is all in one place too. With just enough humor and an engaging writing style that feels like you are talking to her in her livingroom, I found this book an easy read as well.I highly recommend this book!”

Nancy Knettell;  Business Coach & Speaker at Why Not Make Millions? 


“Ready to live a happier lifestyle? 
Then this book is for you!  Deb Scott’s, The Sky is Green and the Grass is Blue, details simple, creative, and often fun ways that enable you to choose the joy-filled life you desire.
Deb is the real deal.  She is a fun-loving, authentic “Ms Happiness”.  Our listeners (and I) look forward to the next time Deb is a guest on our show.  Highly Recommended.”

Anna D. Banks, MAS, GCDF, Executive Producer and Host; Living Life Fully after 40


“You can hear Deb Scott’s enthusiasm for life in each page of her book.  You will laugh and you may even shed a tear.  Deb takes you on a life-changing ride in the way that only she can do.  Her uplifting examples, practical suggestions, and heart-warming testimony will inspire you to turn your world right-side up.  Don’t miss a chance to grab a copy of this wonderful book and allow it to change your life.”   

Dr. Keith Brown; The Life Change Expert


“Deb Scott is a Wonder Woman who will uplift your spirits and get you moving to the place you want to be.  Her energy is positively catching.  She’s been through it all, and speaks of her journey with wit and humor in her delightful book, The Sky is Green and The Grass is BlueQuick!  Grab onto her coattails and sail into the you – you know you can be!”

Nancy Wait: Artisit, Author, Radio Host, Artists & Ascension


I always love learning something new from Deb Scott.  She has a gentle way to change your perspective and show you in this fast paced life that the little things can make such a big difference.  Upbeat, positive and inspiring in a way that leaves you thinking of her stories and how to apply them to your own life.  The Sky is Green & The Grass is Blue - truly one of my favorites.”

Amy Furbee; The Hatched Egg; Break Free from Anxiety, Panic and Stress


Don’t Wait!  Learn How to:

  • How to transform anything bad into something you love -whether it’s a relationship gone south, or a work situation from hell, Deb Scott will explain how to turn it around.
  • Five surprising (and easy to learn) tactics to transform anyone’s drab, ho-hum life into a sensation!
  • Why even bad scenes like alcoholism, depression and abuse can be spun into something positive.
  • How devastating event (like the death of a parent) can be the springboard to lifelong, positive change.


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