Right Here, Right Now- Radio Interview!

Listen Now!

It was a great honor to be the radio guest with host Daniel Gutierrez “Right Here, Right Now”: National Moivational Speaker, Coach, and motivational Best Selling Author.

If you would like to listen to the replay CLICK HERE and take your mind vitamin therapy now!! :)

I hope you enjoy the show, share it with your friends, and find valuable information to help turn those upside down green clouds to right side up beautiful true blue!


  • Carrie Chuff

    Hey Deb! I just saw this and never realized that I got a response! Things are VERY well, my husband Derek and I are expecting a little baby on October 14th! At 14 weeks (I’m 16 weeks now) the doctor thinks it’s a boy, but can’t be sure until the 20 week ultrasound. We’re so excited!

    My husband Derek is the most WONDERFUL man – he went to Ave Maria School of Law and graduated in 2008. He’s unemployed at the moment but we have a very good prospect of a job for him in Maryland–he should hear any day now, and he got some positive feedback, so please keep that in your prayers! I would love for you to meet him!!!

    My mom is doing very well, thanks be to God. Something of a miracle happened and she is free from the heart condition (still deals with scleroderma, however.)

    I hope all is well with you! Do you have my e-mail address? Feel free to e-mail me, I’d love to hear from you!!!

    Love and prayers,

  • greensky

    Hi Carrie!
    Oh of course:)
    And i ask the sisters about you always, and your mom ( heart condition).
    I was just at Casa Maria for retreat last weekend in January.
    I would LOVE to learn more about your life now – one blessed guy that got to marry beautiful YOU!
    love and prayers,

  • Carrie Chuff

    Hey Deb …

    Not sure if you remember me, I was Sr. Mary Faustina when I was with the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word a few years ago. I’m married now, living in Altoona, PA. I hope all is well with you!!!

    Love and prayers,