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Lots of positive mind vitamins in this radio show interview with  Markandya.

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$84,600.00 to be HAPPY!

So I was listening to one of those inspirational shows, and the question was posed:

“You have just been given $84.600.00 dollars to spend in 24 hours – what do you buy – what do you spend it on – do you spend it all – or leave a few dollars behind?”  

Time is Money!

I really pondered what I would do with that. what about you?

Then.. the speaker really threw the curve ball…

There are 84,600.00 minutes in a day, and when the day is done, you can never get those minutes back – they are gone forever. So how do you SPEND all those priceless minutes in YOUR life? What are you doing with your time and life in those moments – because you don’t get them back. What an analogy!

Write it Down ~ Make it Happen

so..the question goes from me to you…What are you doing with your 86.400 second in a day?

YOU get your dreams to come true, only when you only give.

You only get back what you give in this life – that is the upside down turned right side up!


So..what are doing with your 84.600.00 seconds here to be happy and make your dreams come true?

Post YOUR comment below, and tell us what YOU do with YOUR 84.600 seconds in a day to make a million!

Love and blessings,

Use it Wisely!

Oh No! What do I do Now to be Happy?


Green Sky To Blue

Green Sky To Blue

Do you want to be happy? Do you feel like your world is upside down? That the sky is green when it should be blue? We are all called to be here on planet earth in this skin suit, in a specific time (now), for a specific reason (purpose). [Read more…]

Death into New Life!

mom and nana 1950 in vermontWhen my mom, and best friend (Rachel) passed away in 2005, I was left dead with her. In the depth of pain, I never felt or saw anything good in her passing. I took comfort she was happier in heaven, than suffering the slow death of cancer eating away at her, but in the all about me show – I was left here alone, empty, without her. [Read more…]

Transform Tragedy into Happy Triumph!

Okay, we  have all had tragedies in our lives. What the heck do we do with them? How can my tragedies be transformed in my life to help me be happy? I have so many, I wrote a motivational book about them!

Have you experienced any of these tragedies?

  • Grown up in a dysfunctional family?
  • Suffered a period of depression or hopelessness?
  • Been betrayed by someone you trusted and loved?
  • Experienced sexual abuse by a person in authority?
  • Battled the fight against alcohol with yourself or with a loved one?
  • Questioned the existence of God?
  • Asked why bad things were happening to you?
  • Suffered more than you felt you could bear?
  • Experienced the grief of family death?
  • Lost all your financial savings?
  • Want to be happy?

Well, if you said yes to any of the above, then I am just like you. [Read more…]

Tribute to Mother On Mother’s Day

Turning The Upside Down of Death Into The Right-Side Up of Life Again…

Deb – read at mom’s (Rachel’s) funeral mass…

Immaculate Conception Parish, Newburyport (Fr. Richard Gosselin)Thursday; February 10, 2005

I am overwhelmed with a passage in the gospel of John, which describes the first miracle of our lord, at the wedding at Cana. He surprisingly saved the best wine until the end, and my mother, like that fine wine, grew into the best person God created her to be with each passing year.

We are born, we live, and we die. The dash distinguishing her life on this earth seems so small to the world, but so large in my heart.

My mother was beautiful mother, but I tell you my greatest loss is that of my very best friend.

A Mother’s Gift

She taught me to live in the present moment, trust God even when I couldn’t understand why he did the things he did, and trust that he would make everything OK in the end. She taught me forgiveness, tolerance, and inspired me to be the best person God created me to be. She taught me that love was an action word, that was expressed most beautifully by joyful sacrifice and humility. Her patience and ability to love someone for their good, and minimize their faults was unfailing, day after day after day after day. Her heart was embraced with a spirit of gratitude for every kindness, towards every person she ever met in her life.

A Tribute To Mother

In her battle with cancer, many cancers, from rectal, to liver and the indignities she suffered with the pain of her vaginal cancer, the rashes from her chemotherapy that riddled her entire body with Poison ivy like rashes, radiation burns, and all the rest, she fought. She fought for my dad and I. And when my dad almost died again this past summer (Fred from the dead nicknamed by many since he returned from so many hopeless cases), she continued to take care of home and family with grace and a positive attitude. She sacrificed herself for me and my dad and her extended family and friends without hesitation.

My moms heart was a wellspring of compassion. If you are here at this service, I would venture to say she has prayed especially for you. People she met, or only heard of being in need, she prayed for them by name. She prayed with her heart, deep, sincere prayers. She loved the prayer of her rosary and meditating on the life of Jesus and Mary, towards the end of how it helped each of us to accept Gods will for our lives, believing he always knew what was best for us.

The essence of her spirit [Read more…]

12 Step Programs – Don’t Go It Alone

12 Step Programs  as-featured-on-ezine-logo

Does your world feel upside down? Like the sky is green when it should be blue?

How can you change that upside down green sky to a true right side up blue? Is there a program that can help me do this?

What if I told you there is a program that can help you change and transform all your problems, fears, and anxiety’s into peace and prosperity? Yes – it’s true!

list of 12 step programs

list of 12 step programs

You may think of 12 step recovery programs as the stereotypical AA which is not for you. That is for those other people. What you may not know, is that there are now 12 step programs for just about everything under the sun.

Emotions anonymous for people with overwhelming feelings of anxiety and fear, Al- Anon for friends or families of any dysfunction including alcohol, SAA and SLAA for people who have issues with sex or Internet porn, co-dependents anonymous for those struggling with relationship issues, even Al-Ateen for teenagers struggling in today’s difficult social environment.

Life can be hard to deal with in our world today, you don’t have to go it alone.

12 step programs are not affiliated with any religious or political sect, and they are completely anonymous. This makes them a safe place to listen and learn from the experience and hope of others similar to yourself who have successfully overcome obstacles. I promise you [Read more…]

Ponzi Scheme -Overcoming Feelings Of Hopelessness

Overcoming Feelings Of Hopelessness

self growth logo

Recently reality came crashing into my life.  I was a victim of a Ponzi Scheme that has turned my world upside down. Similar to the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme, only the villain behind my story is the, Victim Millenium Bank United Trust of Switzerland, who like Bernard Madoff made promises of high returns without ever investing any money.  When I was struck with the news that I was one of the 375 victims to this white collar crime, I suddenly found the lessons from my recently completed book, “The Sky Is Green and The Grass Is Blue“, resonating with new meaning and empowerment.

What I had written to help others, was now helping me overcome the most devastating financial event to ever hit my life. I’m not just talking about a problem, but something that is life changing. Something that held me still, ingraining a feeling that will be forever burned into my mind.

Overcoming Adversity

When I was finally able to take a moment, I picked up my book and started to read. WOW,  the words came to life. My new motivational book, “The Sky is Green and The Grass Is Blue – turning your upside down world right side up.” were ringing with new meaning, bringing clarity to what really mattered when nothing seemed to make sense.

From my book I realize, “…this too shall pass,” but the pain [Read more…]